#ukraine this happens in Russian occupied Eastern Ukraine if you dare to question them

it is an elected official of the Party of Regions

he was found dead today in a river with indications of torture


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#ukraine Hungary lets itself be manipulated by Russia which incites them to 'retake' their minority

Mihaly Bayer, Hungary's Ambassador to Ukraine, «the Ukrainian Hungarians would like to create an autonomy and take charge of their own affairs in Ukraine». Bayer did not deny that Hungary was actively handing out passports to the residents of Zakarpatie closing its eyes to the fact that it is prohibited to have double citizenship in Ukraine.
Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2014_04_23/Hungarians-Rusyn...
But if you read the article the only goal of putting this forward on the Voice of Russia is to implement that the Ukr goverment can not cope and that also people in the west don't have enough minority right and feel themselves let down and so on.....

Some fascists in Hungary are so nationalistic that they think they will be able to retake this part (telling this in the European parliament) but they have also their eyes on other Hungarian parts that they have lost through the two world wards - something these nationalists never accepted

one should also bear in mind that the democracy in Hungary - even with a very big majority for the rightwing government with nationalistic overtones - is far from perfect and that it is quite hard to have a free press and open discussion environment and where the judicial and other processes are not always as democratic as they should be

but after all it is part of the European Union and if such declarations were made by this embassador than the European Union should act because if in Eastern Europe everybody starts mendling in each others affairs.....

at the other side I think it is very interesting for all kinds of nationalists in Russia to read all these articles about the support of Russia for federalisation, autonomy and referendums to know the will of the people

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#snowden the first tele-rector of the world

Former employee of the US Central Intelligence Agency, Edward Snowden, who was granted temporary asylum in Russia, has officially taken up the post of Glasgow University rector, according to a university press release. Edward Snowden attended the official ceremony via videoconferencing, and he specifically thanked the university students for electing him their rector. He apologized for his physical absence from the ceremony.
Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2014_04_23/Snowden-official...

he will be a kind of wizard of oz

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US/Russian cooperation in GPS systems breaks down

The United States does not allow Russia to unfold the GLONASS global navigation system ground-based infrastructure in the country for now, despite the fact that 11 calibrating signal receivers of the US navigation system GPS operate in Russia, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said at the 8th international navigation forum on Wednesday.
Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2014_04_23/US-refusal-to-se...

This was done in peacetime, we are now in frightened times and preparing for a long cold war

communications and GPS in particular is very important

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#ukraine alliance of extreme leftwing and rightwing in the European parliament and in Eastern Ukraine

On 17 April 2014, the European Parliament adopted the resolution "On Russian pressure on Eastern Partnership countries and in particular destabilisation of eastern Ukraine". 437 MEPs voted for, 49 - against, and 85 abstained. The analysis of the vote against the resolution (see below) reveals the formation of the far right/far left alliance in the European Parliament, and this "National Bolshevik" alliance is likely to grow stronger after the European elections in May 2014. The progressive forces of Europe should be worried about the rise of the far left as much as they are worried about the rise of the far right.

You can find it really strange that

* right wing and extreme right wing parties that are normally antileft and surely anticommunist defend Putin but it has nothing to do with communism - if Russia is still to be considered communist (just as China) - but with strong leadership (a quality they always adore)

* leftwing parties are with Putin supporting a dictator and secondly I don't know what they find leftwing in any of his policies and how they can feel at ease between this stalinist-orthodox-military-nationalist-populist coalition in which you sometimes hear things that make you think of our history last century

On the ground itself - just like in bosnia at the time - all kinds of nationalist and extreme rightwing extremists from Russia are coming to the rescue of their brothers on the ground

a very interesting article with proof is to be found here (and this will make it clear that the anti jewish pamphlets, the anti roma incidents and the anti-semite tv station are no accident but something logical)


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how a tweet PR action can FAIL - NY police

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NIST throws encryption random number generator Dual EC in the dustbin, asks you to do the same

"NIST also recommended users who are still working with Dual EC random number generator to move on to any of the three remaining approved algorithms in the publication like Hash_DRBG, HMAC_DRBG, or CTR_DRBG.



There is something important for vendors too: NIST recommends the vendors currently using Dual_EC_DRBG in their products but want to remain in compliance with federal guidance should select an alternative algorithm and not wait for further revision of the revised document and they also provided a list of cryptographic modules including Dual_EC_DRBG.



Most of these modules implement more than one random number generator. In some cases, the Dual_EC_DRBG algorithm may be listed as included in a product, but another approved algorithm may be used by default,” NIST said. “If a product uses Dual_EC_DRBG as the default random number generator, it may be possible to reconfigure the product to use a different default algorithm.


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#ukraine Russia finds the international financial markets not very interested

Russia failed to sell local-currency bonds due August 2023 at today’s auction as an accord to reduce tension around Ukraine faltered.


The Finance Ministry canceled the sale of as much as 10 billion rubles ($280 million) of nine-year securities because there were no bids at an acceptable price, according to a statement on its website. The ministry is due to issue 10 billion rubles of notes due May 2019 later today.

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#ukraine shows the ideological confusion of extremists in Russia

so you have an antisemite wearing a communist t-shirt and calling himself a fascist

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#ukraine should a german firm still training Russian intervention troops be placed on the sanction list ?

In 2011, for example, the German defense contractor Rheinmetall signed a $140 million contract to build a combat simulation training center in Mulino, in southwest Russia, that would train 30,000 Russian combat troops per year. While the facility wasn't officially scheduled to be completed until later this year, U.S. officials believe that Germany has been training Russian forces for years.


Rheinmetall defended the project even after the invasion of Crimea, up until the German government finally shut it down late last month. But many tracking the issue within the U.S. government were not happy with Germany's handling of the Russian contract, and worry that some of the training may have gone to the kind of special operations forces now operating in and around Ukraine.

“It’s unfortunate that German companies were directly supporting and training Russia’s military even during the attacks against Ukraine,” one senior Senate aide told The Daily Beast. “The U.S. government should call on our NATO allies to suspend all military connections with Russia at this point, until the Russians leave Ukraine, including Crimea.”

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#ukraine the situation in South Ukraine in one map

Embedded image permalink

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#ukraine some green men in Eastern Ukraine are Russian mercearies veterans from special forces brigade

"Green Men ," which took by storm government buildings in Slavic and Kramatorsk , were mercenaries from St. Petersburg . Truly ubiquitous Internet has no boundaries - it became known , arrived from some " little green men " in the Donetsk region. Identified by their photos and their characteristic word " sidewalk ", which in Ukraine and in Russia is not used , except for St. Petersburg.

These men are veterans of the special forces UFSIN "Typhoon" , which is located in St. Petersburg . For the record: In 2000, Special Forces soldiers "Typhoon" participated in bloody battles in Komsomolsk in Chechnya have lost two people dead.


google translate


the history of that battle can be read here

so somebody is paying them - well if Russians can send mercenaries to do battle and the Ukranians have trouble organizing their army and special forces - maybe the Ukranian TYphoons can send in mercenaries to defend their public places against those mercenaries - proxy war

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#ukraine this is how propaganda finally wins (and what to do about it and why social media isn't the answer)

okay we thought we had won and maybe we had - but after the fact maybe we hadn't

before yesterday there was the staged shooting incident - if there ever was one (the staging was done between 2 in the morning and 10 o'clock when the first tweets, rumors and declarations were send in the world (with Russian press directly present - even with images from the proof before the incident took place)

but based on the incident and the video and declarations that were coming in it became clear to many people everywhere (on Ukraine twitterfeeds that is) that there was something not right

* the numberplates that were unscratched on a totally burned out car

* the cars that were shot from the flanks and not frontal

* the weapons, the business card with the mistake, the diapers and a lot of other stuff presented as proof

* the bodies and the story of one men of which people said that he was killed somewhere else

a few hours later it was clear that it was staged and everybody arriving at the scene (forensic investigators and the OSCE) started to treat as something weird to say the least - but that news never made headlines - it were only the Russian headlines of that day that till today make worldnews

the next day was a very strange day with the Russian ministry of Defense saying that it is an outrage, that the Ukraine had to disarm even its republican guard (which is part of the official forces, just like in the US and other states but are called reservists which is smarter I think) and that Putin in fact would like to intervene (playing good cop bad cop again) and so on

the information resistance group effectively said that the plan was that they would have intervened yesterday and taken three provinces (the whole or some parts of it) that is to say before Biden arrives (you must be mad to have even thought about that, the US would have taken it as a very personal insult and the consequences could be everything because than the authority of Obama himself would be directly been totally challenged)

so let's be happy - in the name of some kind of peace - that it didn't happen

but it seems that the Russians have won the propaganda war the last days because the western media have taken only their messages in their headlines

look at this at the BBC

so if you read only this - what do you think ?

that extremists in Ukraine are attacking people and that Lavror is right that Kiev isn't doing what it should do - or that maybe it is so - even if you have read some other news

the greatest problem with all these MaidenPR groups on twitter, facebook and so on is that they are very good in social media and twitter and so on (it kept their revolution alive) but they aren't that good at the international news and propaganda game at a higher level

at a higher level you need some-one at the level of a minister to come out and give a declaration with a good headline (For example 'the shooting incident is maybe staged for invasion' and 'russian roadblocks and armed occupations have to be disbanded because they are invitations to violence) The press agencies of the world would than feel complied to at least cite this declaration or put one aside each other or to change the headline so they make one article of both press declarations (instead of an eye for an eye it would be a press declaration for a press declaration and a minister for a minister and a verified video for a verified video etc....)

this means that you need people who do nothing else than

* prepare press declarations in different languages in the format that journalists can just copy/paste them (or parts of them) and that for big declarations that need an immediate impact worldwide it is a president or minister who takes the stand

* prepare media packages for tv magazines that are more or less ready to broadcast and where the sources have been identified and verified

* make a list of the most important news magazines, tv and journalists in some countries that are of the biggest importance to you (US, UK, Poland, Germany, France, Belgium (the number of international diplomats living there)) and contact them by phone or mail regulary to give them background information, to ask if you can react to declarations from the russians and so on

* mobilize your embassadies are relaypoints for the national media, they should be as active as the Russians are over the world relaying all that propaganda to their national contacts and with a national flavor

twitter, facebook and the rest is fine and fun for the people, but for the bigworld-newsmedia you really need a real group of people doing only that with only the big media

to give you one comparason, both tv magazines in Belgium reach around 2 million people each day (and that is not only in Belgium) - this is something you can never do with social media

propaganda is not short-time, the effects of propaganda can take months or years but if there is no counterforce over time, it will win and even you will start to think in the framework and with the definitions of your counterpart

and at that moment - they have already more or less won


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full end2end encryption is not so easy as it seems

  • How would the Crypto Keys be managed? PGP protected emails would require decryption keys that only the sender and recipient would have to read the content transmitted between the two, and ideally Google won't have access to the messages.

  • What about the features of Gmail that rely on Email Content? This means that the adoption of PGP encryption could be problematic for Google as it won’t allow them to scan your emails to serve its spam filtering feature, content-based advertisements and even the search option.

it makes it thus

* harder to recuperate your account or your emails if things get lost or corrupted meaning that it would be much harder also to proof your identity before getting your access back

* the spamfilters and in fact virusfilters that are even more relying on access to your content would have to break the encryption - making it a point of attack - if they want to function normally



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major new massive leaks by the nullcrew (ICAO, Klas telecom, .....)

you can download them all from here https://mega.co.nz/#!dcZiXaaa!G1HFhBgra3I51pxxiPsvUCV9mh-dMv2lA54bmERVPa8

I can't guarantee that there  is no backdoor or so in it so keep safe

the list of the attacks and leaks can be read in their zine http://pastebin.com/RZB8JeYq

the most interesting leaks are the following

*  Klas Telecom, founded in 1991, has been providing integrated, secure tactical communications solutions to the Department of Defense for over 12 years.

* Ukranian center for the destruction of weapons of mass destruction

We also managed to prove that they do indeed log, and that their claims were indeed bullshit; That is included in the download, along with 40,000 Emails from their smtp.

        By the way, STCU works with WMD(Weapons Of Mass Destruction workers.) Through one of the SQL Injections, we noticed a DB called PPDB2 that had tables called "WeaponCode" several of them too, didn't bother with it; but, yeah. Enjoy reading 30k+ emails, and owning fagots who make the weapons that destroy the world.
there isn't so much in these emails - except if you got time to go through them - many administrative
the giga sent emails that I haven't gone through yet but if the inbox has many administrative the out will have the same
* from a part of the network of the international civil avation society they publish the SSH Logs


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