belgian googlehacking in national police website

It has been obvious that some Belgian journalists have started some investigations in cybersecurity during the last months and who are we to complain about that ? Some have gone a bit far and we warned them against that because the law is very strict in Belgium and for example asking someone to hack a website is illegal for both of them, period.

The only way in Belgium that you can do some researching is by using Google (googlehacking called) and because the Belgian internet hasn't been very secured yet because the Omerta installed by the too strict cybercriminality law has protected totally unsafe installations more than those that are urging for a more secure Belgian internet.

One of the major flemish newspapers Het Laatste Nieuws, one million readers, has done some Google-researching against the site of the national police. They have found passwords for national police databases, names and adresses of even more or less secret special brigades of the national police and how to make a police card.

There is lots of such information on the Belgian internet and not only because they didn't secure themselves against the total Google indexing (robot file and passwording the access) but also because information is put sometimes on the internet without any reflection.

The police has put the newspaper under pressure by telling that they will file a complaint. Now journalists will maybe understand that if they are threatened by lawyers what the effect of these threats are against a simple blogger or security researcher and why we try to stay more or less anonymous. Some people have a vested interest in the Omerta. And they will enforce it each time they find it necessary. This is the reason for which we don't do any hacking, scanning or stuff like that : we know that we would be a sitting duck that would be killed off by this superstringent cybercriminality law. Even if we only work for the public good and nothing else than the public good.

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