• Liberal politician Bart Tommelein doesn't like Sabam

    Sabam is the Belgian organisation that organizes the copyright business

    This Politician gives some very good tips (in dutch) and a smart pic



  • Belgian defence Minister De Crem mobilizes dangerous bloggers

    After the comments by our minister of defense in the Belgian parliament that all that blogging was very dangerous, the blogcommunity had all kinds of reactions. We made a selection of them (the minister even made it in techcrunch)

    By the way we should say that the NY girl isn't the only belgian blogger that has been fired or put under pressure........ Blogging is in Belgium not something you can do without consequences if you do it under your own name.

    Place the banner

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     source http://blog2.adhese.com/2008/11/28/dangerous-blogs/

    2. become member of the new facebook group


    3. or these beautiful pics


    source http://houbi.com/?p=796

    or look at this pic

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    6. Bjarne Stroustrup - The C++ Programming Language(Third Edition) 
    7. handbook_of_electric_power_calculations_-_h[1] 
    8. B Gl 354 001 Tactical Electronic Warfare
    9. Understanding Knowledge Societies
    10. (eBook) O'Reilly - PHP Cookbook
    11. Dan Brown - Digital Fortress




  • attack levels in Belgium still high (new VNC attacks)

    The attack levels on the Belgian Internet were climbing very fast very high the past days. We hope that some people with Belgacom have now started to act.


     the botnet activity is higher now, 14 botnets from Belgium are attacking other countries


    the scan level is also still high, what is strange is that during working days the traffic seems to increase during working hours but maybe this is linked to the botnets and their control centers (in which time-zone would they be ?)

    a new attack/scan that seems to have propped up is for VNC. I think updates are in order here if you use VNC


    the rest is the malicious scanning we have been used to. It is important to close down those ports on your firewalls.


    The Belgacom/skynet network is still having some problems


    The sources that poses some problem are here


  • research your bank before you trust it

    The last days some press PR have declared that an internetbank Binck bank is having success and lots of new clients.

    After the last failures and the never ending saga of the Hauptking bank I was curious were the bank legally was located.

    It is the Netherlands


    So when this one goes bust, you fall under the Dutch reglementation, just as the Hauptking account holders fell under the reglementation in Luxembourg - and saw there was no common antibankfailure fund. This is the biggest problem with banks in small countries, states or islands. They hold for billions of accounts (just as Iceland did) but they don't have the money to guarantee them.

    And even in Europe - look at this table (in dutch) It indicates how you would have to spread your money. The richer you are the more banks you will need. And you will also need to read the small print to be sure that you really did what you should to be compensated. (article in dutch)

    Take the risk or continue the risk but don't come complaining that you 'didn't know'

  • risk : second even bigger financial meltdown looming in january

    "We're probably in the first inning of the commercial mortgage problem," said Scott Tross, a real estate lawyer with Herrick Feinstein in New Jersey.

    Companies have survived plenty of downturns, but economists see this one playing out like never before. In the past, when businesses hit rough patches, owners negotiated with banks or refinanced their loans. But many banks no longer hold the loans they made. Over the past decade, banks have increasingly bundled mortgages and sold them to investors. Pension funds, insurance companies, and hedge funds bought the seemingly safe securities and are now bracing for losses that could ripple through the financial system.

    "It's a toxic drug and nobody knows how bad it's going to be," said Paul Miller, an analyst with Friedman, Billings, Ramsey, who was among the first to sound alarm bells in the residential market.

    Unlike home mortgages, businesses don't pay their loans over 30 years. Commercial mortgages are usually written for five, seven or 10 years with big payments due at the end. About $20 billion will be due next year, covering everything from office and condo complexes to hotels and malls." source

    look out for banks that have a lot of those loans in their portofolio and look also at shops that are closing branches or banks and other service companies that are laying off staff massively. If you find those things on a matrix than you can focus your research on these .... Maybe for this reason the US FDIC has said that 171 banks and financial institutions are in big trouble according to them. For the moment they count that 14% off them will go bust (that's around 25 for sure)

    Also interesting for Belgians to see how the FISA (Kredietbank US) will be influenced by this news. Because if also the commercial mortages become toxic....

  • It is now time for the Belgian Infosecurity community to WORK together

    Share your knowledge and ideas in these working groups

    It is good that all these people will be using much time of their own to get together what seems like a Marshall plan for ITsecurity in Belgium. So let's hope that all these working groups get of the ground and get results that are practical and for which one can find money.

    We have been working the political way the last months but it now seems that everything is turning upside down again and that a new stalemate period is before us.

    Maybe in the end it will be the private stakeholders (ISP's, ITfirms, hosters) that will have to set up their CERT by their own. Maybe it will be the universities that will set up their accreditions and certifications of their own and so on....

    Just one advice : don't try to rewrite things that have been written before during months or years by specialists over in the US and elsewhere. We will have to adapt some stuff to our local laws and practices or OS languages but the norms for securing some software and hardware or guidelines for encryption and so on shouldn't be rewritten.

    I always say. If it is good enough to be used in an US military base, it will be good enough for me.

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    16. Ibm Entreprise Du Futur
    17. Mobile WiMAX : A Technical Overview
    18. facebook for business -9
    19. Disaster Management in Education
    20. DotNET Framework
    21. Software Engineering Roger Pressman
    22. Photoshop Cs3 Scripting Guide
    23. Nano Tech and Dna -SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN
    24. OES State of California - Business Resumption Planning Guidelines
    25. Web Interface & Design
    26. Online Journalism
    27. Advanced Ms Excel Manual
    28. introductin to c#
    29. 2008 State New Economy Index Kauffman
    30. IIA information controls
    31. Microsoft Portable Execution and Common Object FIle Format Specification
    32. Computer Glossary



  • no Tina Sherman pics, don't search (update 1)

    the lady in queston says that she had nude pics on her phone (we did hear that story in Belgium but that one was true and the newspaper didn't publish it) that she had forgotten her phone with nude pics at a local McDonalds. She is now claiming three million dollars in damages because they had been published on the internet. But nobody seems to have found a trace of them - which is strange. THe pic that has been published is NOT from her (and you may expect some spam and malware popping up promising vids and pics) Some think it is a hoax.

    but this is the best joke (watch the pix) I think she has been a lot to mcdo to become like that


    Keeping such pics on a cam or phone or whatever is just plain stupid. If it is digital it will get distributed if you lose control. And girls, as a father myself, I don't think it is wise - even as a game or pleasure or discovery - to make and send nude pics of yourself alone or not to others or letting them keep them. If it is digital it will pop up somewhere somehow sometime when you least expect it. Or you will get blackmailed - and you wouldn't be the first one and neither the last one. (We had in Belgium one case of a girl that was blackmailed in nude pics by cam when she did it once and the other side said they would send it to her mother and so on if she didn't continue...)

  • use BCC for your mails : respect and protect the privacy of others

    It is now for the third time this week that I am receiving a mail from friends with all their other emailcontacts and friends available to me. I always mail them back asking to use BCC in the future. THis makes it possible to send the mail to each address without showing the whole list of contacts. 

    The trick I use is to send the mail also to myself in to and all the other contacts in BCC.

    Maybe emailclients should set in a popup saying something like 

    "would you really want to show all these emailadresses in public" when you place for example more than 5 emailadresses in your to or cc.

  • our minister of defense says that blogging is dangerous and let it feel to a blogger

    So a Belgian girl from Antwerp working in a barin NY to pay for her studies in NY had the stupid idea to publish in a blog with her own name her impressions of a Belgian minister who came in bragging, drinking a lot and joking around. Probably she is so used being New Yorker that she just wrote her opinion without caring much and that she did so on her own blog under her own name.

    She was fired shortly afterwards. There is a whole discussion about the question if the minister or some aide of him phoned her employer afterwards to ask this, but unless there is real proof it will be hard to say.

    She was pissed off because they were apparently drinking a lot and singing vulgar songs. She found it unworthy of a minister. Ministers are also only human. And the minister or an aide would have said that he was only in NY because there was nothing else to do in Brussels.


    This is the posting that started it all

    Belgische defensie in New York City

    Zelfs tot in NYC kan de Belgische politiek nog verbazen…

    Gisteren , op een normale rustige maandagavond sta ik dus achter de bar te werken. Plots horen we buiten een hels kabaal komt daar iemand keihard van de trappen gevallen binnegestrompeld, gevolgd door een hele delegatie. Ik geloofde mijn ogen niet maar eerste minister van Defensie, P.De Crem komt daar echt s t i e p e l z a t binnen gestrompeld.

    Nu weten we allemaal dat de Belgische trots niet bij mijnheer De Crem  moeten leggen maar wat ik gisteren heb gezien heeft mij diep diep diep beschaamd gemaakt om mijzelf residente van Belgie te noemen. Blakend over Adamo, De Strangers en andere Vlaamse folklore liep hij te lallen tegen zijn Amerikaanse delegatie dat dit hetgene was waar Belgie al about was, Vlaamse folklore en bier… door het restaurant liep hij te lallen over de lichtjes van de Schelde ( maar dan zond hij de lichtjes van defensie…)Ook andere Vlaamse folkores werden getransformeerd door de minister himself in behoorlijk vulgaire liedjes waar hijzelf het hardste om liep te lachen.

    Het ergste moest eigenlijk nog komen… Tijdens een gesprekje met zijn raadgever vroeg ik wat ze precies hebben gedaan in NY… wel zei die we hadden wat vergaderingen…Ik vroeg waar gingen die dan over…hij zei tja eigenlijk zijn deze geannuleerd want de rest van de UN zat in Geneve ( allee goe de Belgische minister met delegatie zit hier maar hun afspraken in Geneve…)dus vroeg ik weer ‘wisten jullie dat dan niet op voorhand… zegt hij ‘ jawel hoor maar weet je het is momenteel zo stil in Brussel, niks gebeurd er, dus konden we evengoed naar NY gaan, weet je ik was hier nog nooit geweest ????!!…

    tja daar wordt je toch echt even stil van…Goed in ieder geval om te weten dat de financiele crisis tot bij de top van onze politiek doorsijpelt.

    Op een bepaald ogenblik wilde Minister Van Defensie graag mijn taak achter de bar overnemen…Hij blaakte daarbij ‘maak je geen zorgen we betalen alles…’ Ik zei dat dat goed was maar dat of dat ik dan ook even zijn taak mocht overnemen. Samen werkt, I guess…

    November 18th, 2008 by admin | 117 Comments »
    than a second thought

    Goedgekeurd of afgekeurd, t’is toch gebeurd…

    Discreet,  indiscreet, tante Nonnekes en paterkes, achterbaksheid, vrijheid van meningsuiting, cafe bazinnen en politieke vuilmakerij… wat uw mening ook moge zijn met veel plezier heb ik geschreven wat ik heb gezien en gehoord.

    Discretie dient inderdaad hoog in het vaandel te worden gedragen. Een mens hoort nou eenmaal  te boeren en te hoeren, daar is zeker niks mis mee.  Is zelfs een absolute noodzaak… Vandaar moest dit enkel een bezoekje zijn geweest van de Minister (na kantooruren…) dan had dit een doodgewoon ander leuk fait divers geweest, another funny story in NYC. ( Het is nu eenmaal zo dat een Belgische minister in NYC, in een Belgisch cafe toch wel wat bekijks met zich mee neemt)

    Waar ik (en blijkbaar meerdere mensen) een probleem mee heb is het feit dat er zonder al te veel verantwoording reisjes kunnen worden geboekt , of deze al dan niet nodig zijn. En het lijkt me dan ook niet meer dan logisch dat deze feiten worden nagegaan. 

    Misschien hebben ze idd wel zeer vruchtbare meetings gehad, en is dit uiteindelijk een zeer nuttige reis geweest. Ik heb gewoon een ander verhaal meegekregen.

    De barvrouw alias cafe bazin alias de meid

    November 22nd, 2008 by admin | 27 Comments »
    and about her being fired

    freedom of speech in 2008….

    Verbaasd te horen, via goed ingelichte bron dat de woordvoerder van onze minster van Defensie getelefoneerd heeft naar de eigenaar van het B Cafe, mijn baas. Wat de inhoud van dat gesprek is geweest, is mij onbekend. Maar de eerstvolgende keer dat ik mijn shift aan het afsluiten was, ontsloeg hij me op staande voet, zonder enige uitleg.

    Zou het een iets met het ander te maken hebben?

    Uiteraard zijn er bepaalde gevolgen die je kunt verwachten, maar mijn naïviteit en idealisme had ik stiekem toch iets anders gehoopt. In een zogeheten democratische staat , in een tijdperk waar communicatie en schriftelijke opinies sneller dan ooit de ronde doen, dat men zich gewoonweg nog vragen mag stellen bij het gedrag van een publiek persoon. Is het toch wel jammer dat freedom of speech een moeilijk concept blijft voor veel mensen.

    Het gaat hier niet om mijn persoonlijke roem ( to be honest, I couldn t care less) Ik woon en werk(te) in NY en hier ligt er echt niemand wakker van mijn Nederlandstalig blog. Mijn blog is niet bedoeld om wereldshokkende verhalen te verspreiden en allerlei Kareltjes over mijn nek te krijgen die over ieder woord moeten balken. Gewoon dagelijkse dingetjes die mij hier verbazen en die ik graag met vrienden en familie wil delen…

    Het was niet meer dan een normale burgerplicht om een Minister, een publiek persoon, die gewoon de vloer aanveegt met de normale basisprincipes van zijn taak, om dat bekend te maken. Moest het enkel en alleen over zijn lompe gedrag gaan , dan zou geen krant dit hebben opgepikt… Belgie weet immers al langer van welk vlees onze minister van Defensie is gesneden.

    Nogmaals de delegatie wist dat hun afspraken hier niet doorgingen maar dan toch naar NY trekken en er een mooi verhaal van maken is gewoon om te kotsen… Snoepreisjes worden al sinds mensenheugenis gehouden , verborgen voor de massa. Vandaag de dag leven we in een tijd waarin , idd een gewone ‘barmeid’ vanuit haar piepklein kamertje uit NY aan de wereld kan vertellen wat er gebeurd als de gordijnen sluiten bij de heren van fatsoen. 

    Ik moet deze maand mss wat water en brood eten but at least I can have the  decency to look into the mirror and say where I stand for…

    November 24th, 2008 by admin | 223 Comments »

    PS can someone in New York help this poor student with a free mind and speech to get a job so she can survive and shouldn't be eating bread every day ?
     Now it makes no sense deleting these postings......
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    37. 70-294 training




  • nearly half a million pc's still infected with szribi botnet, are you one of them ?

    advice    One of the more straightforward methods to determine a Srizbi infection is to check proxy and/or firewall logs. You can pinpoint specific computer(s) that are Srizbi-infected by checking for any computers that have made outbound HTTP connection requests from your network to our Srizbi monitoring IP addresses or since November 12, 2008

    How to clean

    Srizbi installs a rootkit that hides its changes to system files and registries. Therefore, cleaning it off your system is not a straightforward process. In environments where periodic system snapshots are taken, it will be easier to perform a system restore from a known clean snapshot.

    For the environments where clean restoration is not possible, we have provided some self-serve steps at the link below.

    NOTE: Before reverting to a prior snapshot or using the following steps, backup all user data in case cleanup fails.

    Srizbi rootkit removal instructions

  • after DNS flux to protect botnets, here comes domainflux

    If you read this story and see how they are doing it, than you can only sit down and think hard about how to stop this from working

    With the instant registration - and even payment methods (even at dns.be) that let you use a domain name for a certain amount of time without even paying for it - it is possible to make this work.

    We should concentrate on the control and command centers and have take down centers active 24h a day, doing nothing else. The Japanese did and it had an enormous effect. THe difference between cost and result is astonishing. The ripple effects of this clean up can't even be calculated.

  • rogue dns servers for typos are in the Ukraine


    This is the result, the rogue dns servers that send you to a malware server when you type a mistake are based in the Ukraine


  • belsec has its own searchmachine

    If you want to search the thousand five hundreds postings or so and more than 15.000 links in furl and more to come

    use the search box next to it

    You can still use the individual links to furl and elsewhere that are placed here

  • terrorisme, what a difference a day makes

    gelieve van onder naar boven te lezen


  • joke : lijit wanted to add hacked sites to my blogroll

    the sites they wanted to add to my blogroll were the sites that were published as being hacked

    I didn't think so....


  • second important lessons for anti terrorist operation centers from the terrorist campaign going on in India

    You need a media blackout because with the integration of mobiles, blogs, flickr, youtube and tweeter news and pix are going around instantly, also your police operations. The Israeli police for example has now blockers of mobiles on wheels that are used to disrupt communications during police operations (except those from the police themselves).



    You can off course only do this if you have at the same time a well organised press center where all the rumours and facts are given or responded to in more or less real time (because this is what the tweet, cnn, mobile, rss generation is accostumed to). Otherwise the situation will be much more difficult to handle because rumors and panick will be more widespread.

    In fact you need to manage communications and not be managed by it. You should also have clear rules with the press what to publish and what to hold on untill a certain moment. For example 'yes we are preparing to storm the building in about two hours and no you can't publish or mention this untill we are effectively storming the building. " You will also have to give them some goodies. And if you respect this agreement you will be the first to enter the hotel and you will be invited to a press briefing and interviews with the officers in charge.

    You can find even better pics of the carnage on flickr here