Free for today : OVERSPY keylogger and spyware total version

You have a lot of this stuff on the market, but most are crippled somewhere or you don't trust it enough because you really don't really know 100% what the guy is up to.

It is illegal in most countries to use this software on computers of others EXCEPT if you have clearly stated it and that the person knows it (also the consequences of the software). The problem here is that you LOG whatever you want but you have to safeguard the ACCESS to these logs in a totally different strict legal way. The logs are there ONLY if there is a legally acceptable procedure that needs urgent ACCESS to these logs. It is not because you LOG everything that anyone can have ACCESS to these logs. The fewer people have access, the more you can log.

In any case read the comments. It is not working on every VISTA and you need to disable your securitysoftware - which is not recommended.

I think however that some machines in some environments need such a software, but even this software can be circumvented somehow.

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