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When ministers start blogging freely

It is not only Belgian securitybloggers that are under fire.

In the Flemish government a (new) socialist minister had a blog before on which he wrote some stuff. Nobody really cared as long as he was with a small party (spirit) but once he went over to the socialist party things changed.

Even so when he wrote that any 'honest' man or woman had dress like a Palestinian. Well for some is Arafat no Mandela and so not everybody agreed with that, but that was only the beginning.

When he blogged that he thought about the mad knife attack on a children's garden in Dendermonde and compared it to the Gaza, the reactions went nuts.

Blogging under your own name and position has consequences around here. That is why we are not doing it. :)

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The first fortis negotiations were without paper

While we are finishing the second round of Fortis negotiations with BNP, some details about the first hectic panicdriven negotiations last year are quite troubling.

Di Rupo, the president of the Walloon socialist party refused federal funding for KBC last month (the flemish government stepped in) because he did want to see some paperwork. He didn't want that the same would happen as during the first Fortis negotiations in which all the specialists and consultants talked a lot but didn't put anything on paper. Needless to say that the interpretations were different afterwards. This promises for the parlementary hearings .....

Makes me wonder if anybody remembers that there are taping machines or recorders that could have been used. Just for the record. Even Nixon knew that....

The second time around the experts had to prepare a report before the government started the negotiations.

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KBC stops ICT investmentplan for 600 million Euro

This is something that has been prepared during two years by hundreds of people and now that everything has been consulted, revised and decided upon, the bank decides that it ain't worth the paper it is written on and won't make any difference and that they can easily live without it. Otherwise they would have gone ahead.

But that is the problem with many big projects and with the mania of putting everything in a project with managers, it grows so big and so complicated and time-consuming that you end up with a monster.

I like small projects. And than migrating some servers in the new environment one group at a time.

I like click and play projects. The more you have to integrate and the more you have to program the less I like it.

I only hope there weren't too much securityprojects included


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Gaza tunnels are also money smuggling tunnels


However, Abbas' government has not been visible among the aid groups, sidelining him even further in the eyes of many Gazans.

He still pumps huge sums into Gaza every month, paying the salaries of tens of thousands of civil servants and police, like Dardona. But his promised $3.5 million for the families of the dead — according to Gaza health officials nearly 1,300 — has not been disbursed, in part because Gaza banks suffer from a shortage of bank notes, another fallout from the closure.

Hamas, which smuggles cash through border tunnels instead of using bank transfers, has no problems with distribution

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we didn't win but we don't care

We are a nominated blog and were the finalists and we did some campaigning but it was clear that this wasn't a campaign or real awards and that we didn't really stand a real chance, but what the heck, this isn't important

important is that we are pushing for a resolution of the fastflux botnet problem that is using .be domains

important is that we are pushing for a CERT In Belgium

important is that you here find and read news you won't read elsewhere in Belgium

and that is why our number or readers and visitors is just going up and staying up, sometimes even just behind blogs that are almost always most popular (jokes, films, music, erotic,...)

but thanks for the votes

and I won't ask you again

there are more things that are important in life or in this activist blog than popular awards. This blog ain't made to be popular. It is made to be effective.

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33 .be domains in fast flux dns phishing botnet and also .eu

This is the list that we found in the listings of Arbor Networks. (although we have no formal agreement, Arbor Networks agreed to give us access so we could put more pressure to give this problem in Belgium some pressure and urgency)

This is one of the highest numbers ever of active .be domains in this kind of fastflux botnets

Just to remind the .be domain is the only regional domainextension that is being used on this scale by this kinds of networks. We contacted dns.be and the FCCU and are trying to help whenever we can, but it is up to the responsable authorities to develop a fast track method to get it a legal quickresponse together that will enable all parties to take them out and down as quickly as they appear in these networks.


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hacked mcdonalds Israel


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hacked philips.com site with injection


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wallpaper surfing without security and sex



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wallpaper surfing without updated security 1



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our security bluescreen


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public comments on fastflux botnets document ICANN

Initial Report of the GNSO Fast Flux Hosting Working Group

Already have an opinion? Go here - Public Comment: Initial Report on Fast Flux Hosting

these are the comments that already have arrived


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Embedded systems need to be updated

They are surrounding us everywhere and if infected they can do strange things or nothing at all. They are in banks and hospitals, security environments and energy installations, they are the forgotten vulnerabilities

KB 958687 - Vulnerabilities in SMB Could Allow Remote Code Execution. (MS09-001)

KB 952069 - Vulnerabilities in Windows Media Components Could Allow Remote Code Execution. (MS08-076)

Windows Embedded Products

Update - The Microsoft Windows Embedded December 2008 Updates included MS08-067 - KB 958644 Vulnerability in Server service could allow remote code execution, others and "security updates that were released from July onwards that are now available for (the) two newest versions of the product"

information from Internet storm center

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This promises for our new belgian traffic signs


according to other articles it was done because those instruments were not closed nor protected with passwords (other than the default) nor with any other access controls. The rest is 80 phreaks stuff. Just as with many other electronic stuff, connected or not.

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country pushed off the net in Russian cyberwar attack

A Russian "cybermilitia" has knocked the central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan off the Internet, a security researcher said today, in the latest manifestation of digital warfare.

Since Jan. 18, the country of 5.3 million has come under a massive cyber-attack, according to Don Jackson, director of threat intelligence at Atlanta security firm SecureWorks Inc.

"They're from the same network [of IP addresses] that we associated with the cybermilitia last year," Jackson added.


is it just an exercise for who is next ?

It has more or less the population of flanders

Preparing for this is having external mirrors ready for information and have contigency plans stand-by

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Free for limited time Titan backup software

Last year, the folks at Neobyte, makers of Titan Backup, offered the full version of their excellent backup software free for a limited time. I’m happy to report that they’re repeating the offer with a little different slant.

You can now get the full retail version of Titan Backup v.1.5 free from Neobyte. Note that this is not the current version of the software (v2.5), but IMO it’s still a great deal. The older version worked fine and you can’t beat the price!

You can download the free version here (opens in a new window):


After you install the software, use the following key to register and activate it:


If you decide to upgrade to the latest and greatest, Neobyte is offering a coupon for a special upgrade price. Use this link to get your discounted price:

Special Titan Backup Upgrade Discount

source is neobytesolutions.com

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How to work with wikileaks and what NOT to do


Read this before working with wikileaks because wikileaks can only protect documents, not sources if they haven't protected themselves enough

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Wikileaks publishes full contract zesde zintuig


First release of parts this document in Belgian daily De Morgen, 13/12/08. First release of the whole document: here and now.

2. This is a type-contract that every participant was obliged to sign if he or she wanted to participate in tv-realityshow 'Het Zesde Zintuig'. This is an international tv-format with a contest for most developed "sixth sence". This document shows how every participant is obliged to promise that he/she will never talk about what happened off screen, when camera's were off. The contract shows us that this goes on for 5 years and metions a penalty of 250.000 euro...

3. People love this kind of programs, they love to be fooled. This kind of programs makes them believe in all kinds of magic.

4. The TV Company, that produced "Het Zesde Zintuig" on VTM (Flemish Television) never contested the authenticity of this contract, it sued the newspaper because it published info that was supposed to kept secret. The authenticity can be checked via the TV Company.

5. It was leaked because at least one of the participants considered he or she was fooled by the whole organisatio

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Wikileaks publishes UN auditing reports about operations and services

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