Antiterrorism in Belgium doesn't take out the support infrastructure enough

This is the feeling you have if you look at the following incidents from the last weeks

* in Belgium a sweep of a 'sleeping' support cell led to some arrest (of the famous hateblogger) but let some others free again and the police said themselves that others may have been involved but weren't even questioned. They are known, whatever that means. If it means that for everyone of them there is one or more special agents following them, than that is a huge investment.

You can't go arresting people like that and such sweeps may have a preventive impact, but if there are no arrests people don't feel that good when they hear that those ticking timebombs are just walking our streets again.Somewhere there has to be some middeground that makes it possible to take more active actions against those support cells, sleeping or not.

Nice detail, they were located and followed by US satellites ......

* A caller from Belgium alerted the police in Holland of a pending big terrorist attack on some supermarkets the 11th. She said that some of the attackers would come by bus from Belgium (never found) and were to be helped by a support cell in Holland (arrested and freed because no explosives were found). She gave so much details during 10 minutes (in which she couldn't be traced ?) that some investigators think an attack was planned. The media seem to forget that in big attacks, the supporting sleeper cells never know what will happen before and even don't have any material with them. They will get instructions later where to find the necessary arms and explosives and papers. It would be too easy to dismantle the supporting sleeper cells if they would have such material, as shown in the case above.

Question, while the police says it needs to set those people free it assures us that they are being constantly followed but when they should have arrested them while actively arriving at the place where a terrorist attack would be planned, they disappear.

* Yesterday the Moslim Brotherhood (about which we already wrote that its financial and infrastructure headquarters is in Brussels in spite of the fact that the organisation is on international terrorist lists) had some investigations in Germany and Belgium about financial fraud. No arrests were made. It looks as like the organisation may continue its 'activities' in Belgium in spite of international law.

If you don't dismantle the infrastructure and disrupt the financing you are just a sitting duck waiting to be shot by some formerly sleeping cell you had forgot or didn't find yet.

The fact that no major terrorist attacks happened the last years in Belgium doesn't diminish this danger.

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