a technical but very interesting presentation about EID (link added)

The presentation in 63 slides shows in a detailed but very complete and comprehensive way (for security and IDM people) how the encryption (PKI) of the EID in Belgium is organised. It doesn't talk about any weaknesses or other conceptual or political questions one may have, but on the basis of this you can already have a theoretical idea about how it should work in theory.

It is very interesting to read in the last slides he talks about the requirements for it to work securely but as nobody is responsable for certification one can ask who will do the monitoring and testing.

But it is a document one should have read if you are interested in the future of our EID. Any remarks are welcome off course.

Introduction to Belgian eID cards, presented at K.U.Leuven, 27 April, 2009


  • I can't find the presentation.

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