flu preparing plans in Belgium : is this for real ?

So we are there before a possible big crisis. So we can go through all our preparations again and check them and see if they are enough or not. Meanwhile some questions already start to pop up

* Holland has places the order for the vaccin, 2 doses for every citizen. Belgium didn't yet. We are going to try it with those that we have in stock and hope that they will work and will continue to work with all the mutants and variants.

* There is no European coordination and even worse the different countries are doing different things seperately. This promises when it really could get though.

* In the Unversity Hospital of Ghent (100.000 persons) there are max 40 places for sick people that can be put in quarantaine. When asked what to do when there were more he said that at that time it would be a real crisis..... even worse with the lack of plans about what to do with the rest of the sick people that come to hospital (as the official communication now is that you should go to hospital).

* There are general guidelines and plans but..... in the general plan the Influenza office says that there would be a Business Continuity Plan for enterprises and administrators that they should follow as guideline. (p.34 I think). I have been searching and phoning but nobody has been capable of telling me where those official guidelines are. Meanwhile I have used the ones from the US and the WHO.

These guidelines for Business Continuity should have been ready by december 2006. Maybe I am stupid or maybe they are placed elsewhere but I think they should now be published on a very visible place for everybody responsable for an enterprise or administration so they also can begin setting up the necessary instructions and infrastructure. And even if this can't be used for this virus because it just fizzles out (for the moment, it can come back later this year or next year) it will be useful to have and know when something else happens (and there are hundreds of things that can happen every day that but your business of administration in a situation in which it will need some business continuity planning)

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