attack on Dutch Royal family ; what if it was a car bomb ? (film)

So look at this film and forget what you know today and think what would have happened if it was a car bomb to explode from the moment it touches something or even worse - from a distance by a bystander with a mobile so that the best moment could be chosen

 risk training : what is going wrong here right after the impact ? About everything I suppose. So they were lucky


  • I disagree. The first rule is always that you need to help people who are hurt. There is no way to judge in a split second that there is an attack being executed. A car ran into a monument and someone is hurt inside, whether he is a criminal or not is upto a judge in court.

    I also rest assured that there were ample resources busy with clearing the scene, which is normal procedure to make helping those in need easier and ensuring public safety. What the officers did around the car was exactly what they had to do.

    Additionally : this was not a terrorist attack. You either have to review the definition of terrorism or agree that tagging this post with terrorism is stupid.

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