flu crisis : communication going in all directions

At one side you have the researchers and policy makers who are afraid because they don't have all the facts and there are still too many unknowns to be sure what decision to make. The result is that you continue to prepare for the worst - even if the possibility that it will come to that aren't that great in comparaison with the situation (and thinking) at the start of the crisis.

For computer security guys (and girls) this is a situation we already have seen many times. We cry for the big alert because we know that in theory this or that new vulnerability or exploit/virus can disrupt the internet or the online economy in a big way. As the infection and clean up operations continue the picture becomes much more difficult to communicate.

But as the big virus doesn't realise the cynical say that there is no need for all those millions to spend and that the panick is worse than the virus itself. So they start communicating about their disbelief and their disagreement. For the press this is a new story and so the public is thrown between the prudent policymakers and the cynical dissidents without having all the facts on the basis of which one can make an opinion.

The basic fact is that we don't know yet and that it will take months to have all the facts to make a definite opinion. And even if this virus isn't the most dangerous one it can mutate into one much more dangerous in the coming months or years. This is the basic fact that one has to consider. The flu will never be the same again. Everytime there will be the fear that this virus or a mutant will be found again and that it can be something much more dangerous and stronger.

Having a Flu policy and procedure at your administration or enterprise is not a luxury. It has become essential - except if you wanne be hit sometime somewhere in the future big time while not being prepared for it.

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