why do cybercriminals like the .eu and .be domain - here is why

According to the WHOIS policy for .EU domains, I am not allowed to share with you in my blog the patently false registration information for the domain 1il1il1.eu.

You would have to WHOIS the information yourself from: www.eurid.eu, which is probably part of why criminals like .eu domains so much.

.be domains, like .eu domains, require you to visit the Registrar's website to reveal WHOIS details. According to www.dns.be, its not allowed for me to post information from their WHOIS database about hftiili.be here, so you would have to look that information up yourself:

Lookup WHOIS for hftiili.be.


Time to change that I think.

Why not do like most of the other domainextension - except for those that promote the privacy and protection of that information even to the police

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