45.000 belgian EID cards broken

This has cost the firm already nearly 500.000 Euro's but some of these Belgian citizens have been unable to pursue their holiday or to board a plane. It was impossible to control the EID as the chip wasn't on the EID anymore (interesting news for crooks, now they only have to find out how to get another chip on the card without any automatic reader seeing somthing - it is not who is on the card but who is on the chip that may be of importance (unless you are passing real guarded borders)).

But there is something else that is very interesting. It doesn't seem to worry anyone. It is normal. No protest from consumerists or parliamentarians. No checks of the production process (they say they are ISO something...).

It is only half a million Euro's that are wasted without any problem by the production firm Zetes. In my thoughts there is something more : If a firm pays out so much money without any revision or without any protests, than they must be making a lot of money on these cards.....

But who cares about audits and checks ? We don't have any reviewed public 'standards' for these cards and the developers who want to integrate it into their applications.....


  • Have you got any technical details about the incident? What exactly went wrong, how they handled it, etc.

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