we told you so : Opel Antwerpen will close (there is no Europe)

There is no European Union or Community and the national hymn 'all humans become brothers" is just show when it really matters.

As long as there is no directly elected European president with elected ministers (European model) or his own administration (US model) and his own budget and general powers, there will be no European policy. You can say there is some European oversight and checks and balances but you hardly can speak about an European policy.

So when the Germans offered Billions to keep their factories open, the cadidates for GM didn't hesitate one minute to leak to the press that they would close Opel Antwerpen and keep the German factories open. And even 'objective' standards and reports won't change that because those can be written exactly the way that they were intended to be. Most consultants are just hired guns with a pen.

And this goes for cyberpolicy also. Because if one can't work together during an economic crisis, the same people won't be able to work together when the lights and the data go out and it is every society for itself (to keep up what is still up). Yeas, critical datasecurity is all about electricity in the first place.... (another domain on which Belgium is faltering in its security).

You shouldn't count on Europe but develop strategies without Europe and if Europe goes your way, fine. If the European level doesn't work (we are with 26 decision makers - imagine 26 US governors sitting around the table having to agree on everything....). you should be ready.

Maybe we should be able to sell Ford Antwerp to someone else, instead of just closing it down.

And so the independent minded flandriens see that they are only nains on the international level. Something hidden between France and Holland. Like Asterix and Obelix. Only without the magical drink.

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