skynetblogs was out and it is their fault

We couldn't access our blogs for more than one day and this is the mistake of Skynetblogs. It is an architectural mistake and a securiy mishap they will have to correct next year if they still want to claim that they are the biggest Belgian bloggers- community.

The fundamental mistake is that they had no back-up with the last working version or a fail-over or deduplication or something like that. The second mistake is that they don't seem to monitor their processes every so many minutes (look for example at ipcheck which is quite cheap and which can monitor 5 steps of a process (login, post, change something,.....) every so many minutes.

Stop playing and fooling around. This is serious and you should start taking this as seriously as people take their blogs seriously around here. If you want to be professional, act professional and it is not because it is free that it should be broken.

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