blackhat 2 the Iphone and mobile hack

Yesterday we had the diclosure by Apple that the software that controls the transmission towers is not very secure which is the reason it wants to close down the IPHone (and make lots of money with its exclusive deals). 

At the same time at Blackhat security researchers were showing how to crack smart mobile phones going from iphone over MS enabled phones to Google's androids.

The security of mobile phones is only starting and some products are on the market, but there is no guarantee at all that the networks an sich and the providers have a security infrastructre for the defense and monitoring that equals that of a professional ISP. There is no official obligation to do so and the number of incidents in Western Europe isn't high and dramatic enough to change that. The situation is different in China and Asia, but maybe this is because in such countries the internet is for most lower-income groups only affordable by mobile. The number of internet-enabled mobiles is  higher than the number of internetconnected computers.So it is normal that attackers do more research on mobile malware and phishing.

This doesn't mean that this situation couldn't be exported to Europe and the US.

But contrary to the computer and the internet, there is no security awareness with the general public and the executives about mobile security and mobile malware and some of that awareness is so commercialised and hyped that it has no credibility. It also depends on how you see it. If you look at the general numbers  you can say that even in Asia malicious SMS and mobile traffic is so limited that it is not worth the millions that should be invested by the operators and producers to secure the network, the traffic and the mobiles.

But as more and more people have only a mobile connection, the mobile networks have become strategically more important. And for this reason a securisation is important.

The Iphone and other hacks that were demonstrated have to be placed in this context. The firms will have to adapt the internet security strategies to their networks, users and mobiles. And the users will have to do the same. The problem is that if the industry follows the Apple ideology they won't patch and they won't communicate and so they won't be ready and have no credibility. If the industry follows the Microsoft ideology of security today they have big investements and communication plans before them but their networks, users and mobiles will be more secure. In the article it is clear that iphone didn't do a thing since a month while Microsoft has already provided an upgrade.

So if you have an iphone, you should be more on your guard and only open things that are expected and logic and destroy everything that seems 'strange' or 'too good to be true'.

You are on your own.


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