blackhat 4 Is your parking meter hackable ?

Well we already had the hackable RFID enabled public transport chips and the blocked talk about the US hackable toll tax system and now we have hackable parking meters

If you read the documents and presentation than it is just a problem of process. The firm has never thought that people could be interested in hacking or abusing their system. Well, people buy cracked satellite cards and download free music and films, so why wouldn't they reset their parking card (especially as everyone hates paying (so much) for just parking their car. So it seems incredible that a firm that publicizes its ISO9001 norm (for quality certainly not security but what does quality without security mean ?) and its blablabla we are secure propaganda on its website. You can find out here if there are firms selling their products in your country and than you will have to find out where these machines (and if they are the same) are installed. And if you are lucky and a bit technical (or knows somebody who is) You can read this article and presentation and do nothing :).

It stays illegal. It is not because the front door is open of a house that you have the right to steal something or even to go in. It is even expected that you phone the owner or the police to say that the door is open. This is more or less what they have done.

if you change the security of a human presence by something digital or electronic you will have to secure and count those costs into your product from the start. Otherwise you are not comparing the same costs. And it could be that those costs are more expensive (to digitalize) if you take everything into account including the social security costs for paying those lowincome people that have lost their jobs to a machine that isn't secure.

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