Evonet has 500 hacked .be sites and some still are


They have all the same IP address and they look like homepages made with flash and some other fancy things. They all have a seperate .be domainname but the same IP adress (this is going to be fun if some are spammers and blockers are using the IP adress to filter).

When looking through zone-h.org we saw that there were nearly 500 of these pages that were hacked (linux and apache) and that when the hackers changed the homepage of the site (sic) it was cleaned but the cleaners didn't do their job very well, they didn't check if the hackers did also some other things, like adding a page.

They have added a page with nonsense to a few hundred other webpages. If they don't clean it up it will not be long before the first blocking will appear (and all sites have the same IP address)

Maybe the hackers have left a backdoor or a keylogger or a time-bomb. Who knows ? did you check ?

Have a look at zone-h or http://be-hacked.skynetblogs.be


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