it all started with a car that was not parked right

The members of a turkish club had a meeting room next to an internal parking lot hidden from streetview in that city in Belgium. They always met there for thee and talks and passing some time together. It looked as if the days would pass without much happening and every day looked more or less like the day before. The quiet and easy life you would say.

But one day there was a new car in the parking lot. They didn't see that car before so it couldn't be from someone from the neighborhood. There was something not right with that car, it wasn't parked the way all the neighbors parked their cars there. It was strange. So this turk talked to the local cop, the one who is responsable for the community relations and being sure he knows more or less what happens in his bloc.

It was interesting he said. He would check it and he consulted the database of stolen cars. Bingo. It was the car that was used by the prisoners who escaped prison last week. They were only looking for the girlfriend from one of them. THe others were already found.

But where could she be ? The police had another clue. The GSM of the girlfirend was being traced to a GSM tower not far from the parking lot. She was definitively here. But you can't search a few thousand people. Where could she be ? She wouldn't be with a turkish family because she wasn't turk. There were only a few Maroccan families living here. So he visited them. And found them.

A perfect example of good neighborhood relationship with the local police who knows well his neighborhood, a national database and some intelligent modern tracking methods. None of those methods alone would probably have resulted in such a quick arrest but the combination of them makes each of them more efficient. It is the puzzle and not the pieces on which one should concentrate. You are always missing pieces but maybe you have already enough to make a beautiful puzzle anyway.

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