Obama may be shot - like Kennedy

One of the things that I remembered about the several books I have read about the Kennedy's (still what an inspirational president even if he didn't change as much as he should) is that in the months up to his assassination there was in the south a whole campaign about how dangerous and unpatriotic he was and how he had betrayed his country and so on.

What the conservatives in the US are doing now in their astonishing brutal and radical campaign against the necessary health care reforms is of the same kind. They tell every nut (and be sure there are enough 'New World Order', survivalists, white pride hooligans and other nuts around there) that it would be OK to kill or shoot this president because he is a president, in fact a Nazi, he is not one of them, he is even not an American (the birth certificate nuts) and according to some he may even be ready to declare a state of emergency (and take away your guns). In fact in the US nuts have guns and they use them. They train to use them. And no small guns to protect themselves (as they say) no, real guns you can go to war with.

It should come to no surprise that the intensity of 'assassination' chatter on the internet between those armed nuts is increasing. I think every security professional working for and with the president is going nuts now and working overtime. And each time the president wants to go out to campaign (because he will have to campaign to get this fundamental reform through now - it won't be possible later politically) than all those physical security professionals (bodyguards, secret agents and the rest of them) know that they will need to be at their best for 1000%. Because if this president gets shot than I am not sure if the 'black pride' nuts will behave and if there is as much doubt about the security precautions of the security service as there was about the victory of George Bush in 2000 than you will have more 'conspiracy industry' writers than about 9/11.

But there needs not to be a real conspiracy. There is already a conspiracy by the conservatives to create an atmosphere is which a normal and open democratic debate based on facts is impossible and in which your opponent is described as the biggest threat to anything America stands for since the second world war and Stalin. He will even kill your old mother and father.

And so some nut(s) will say one day that if all these politicians just continue to talk without doing something against such a big threat (and confirmed by those very wise and powerful influential conservatives) "than they will do it".

Nuts are like timebombs. They only start ticking if the environment in which they live becomes explosive. Or if they perceive it as such.

tic tac tic tac tic tac tic tac tic tac

And I already accuse those who create that atmosphere for anything that may happen to any elected official. And the PR masters behind this campaign should remember the film Fantasia in which Mickey takes the hat of the master and has finally so much power that he loses control. I do not think that you really know what you are doing and what the end result may be of this kind of campaign. And do not complain afterwards that you didn't foresee this or that. You started the wildfire, you are responsable for the damages, included the things you didn't want to happen (afterwards). There was Kennedy and Martin Luther King before.


  • I am deeply offended by this post. To suggest that conservatives are out advocating the assassination of our president is unfounded and ridiculous, not to mention bigoted. All conservatives are not racists. Or murderers. Or Nazis, or whatever fringe group-du-jour you want to attach us to. It is possible to have a debate against a black man based on principal, you know? Or are *you* too racist to realize that?

    The liberals have their "nuts" too. I'd suggest there were WAY more people saying Sarah Palin's youngest son was actually her daughter's, than there are trying to disprove Obama's citizenship. That was sure a proud day for American Liberalism!

    I laughed out loud when you suggested that conservatives are stifling debate on this issue. Who is bussing in supporters to pack town halls with sympathetic questioners, leaving little room for people who want to ask tough questions? Who is pre-screening questions asked of our elected officials? Who is demanding IDs from people before they are allowed to attend town hall meetings? Those are all repeated acts of liberals, not the conservatives.

  • All this assassination hand-wringing is the result of one guy's report. A guy who is a lefty operative (writes for the Huffington Post) and sees white supremacists behind every tree. Source: http://confederateyankee.mu.nu/archives/290939.php

    The White House says that there has not been an increase in threats to the President: http://thehill.com/leading-the-news/no-increase-in-presidential-security-despite-town-hall-anger-2009-08-14.html

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