water leakage in archives and onlooking workers

It was a strange sight on tv. You saw water falling from the room in the archive of the Central Courtoffice in Brussels. You saw some firemen trying to keep the roof from falling by pushing the water through some holes on the paper files beneath it.

Someone was explaining before television that all they would have a look afterwards what the damage was and how the files could be rescued. Meanwhile the water was still falling on those paper files without any plastic protection.

I am not making this up.

They didn't take the files away. Damage control. No security reflex. No reflex to protect what was to be protected. It could be that the firemen were afraid that the whole roof would come down (somewhere above it some waterpipeline was broken). But somebody could have taken 10 minutes to put it in plastic boxes and in safety.

It were the files about the investigation in the possible corruption of one of our most important judges which is making headlines nowadays (and pages and pages of comments and new developments each day).


  • It can be part of the damage control NOT to touch the already wet dossiers because there is more chance ripping them apart when wet. It might be wiser to remove them one by one at the moment when the leakage has stopped and assess damage then.

    The mention that they do not have (electronic) copies of the files is more worrying imho.
    A carefully targeted fire would result in a devastating DoS on the system.

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