destroying your emails but using your own phone (how secure ?)

In the investigation who leaked to the ministers the judicial decision the highest court of Belgium would make in the Fortis case, there is something funny. A detail of course.

It seems that some of the leakers have destroyed the emails on their computers and that there is a problem of material evidence (forensics and ISP ?)

But also in the three investigation into the three illegal leakers of this information (that was already responsable for the fall of our government last year) it is funny to read that in the three investigations all the persons were using their own phones. That easy. Person x phoned to person Y. How do you know ? He used his own phone number.

He didn't go to a public phonebooth in a railstation for example or use the phone of someone else ? They are doing something illegal and they know it and they still use their own phones ? Those are people who are working at the justice department for years and who should know that the telephone logs are one of the easiest things to use.

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