Stijn (ex Ubizen) still thinks that the US has no ITsecurity

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It is maybe because he has sold/left the business of ITsecurity (to Verizon) that he has lost touch. He is now manager at a local 'reconversion of the local economy' organisation.

He says that the Europeans are very good at securing their business because they always want to secure it while the Americans are very bad at securing their business because they only want to insure it. Securing their business - in his opinion - is only an option if it costs less than the insurance.

Secondly he still thinks that in the US it is only the market that decides if networks or data get secured and that there are no laws and reglementations over there.

You know, we as Europeans are so smart and confident and intelligent that those things don't happen to us. It is only those stupid Americans that get hacked - is a bit the tone of the non-researched article in a national newspaper around here.

I didn't know if I had to laugh or to cry with these opinions but

* Europe has no IDtheft or breach notification or a bunch of other privacy and ITsecurity laws that the US or a great number of US states already have. It is not perfect but at least it is something and it is better than nothing.

* Europe has no global and private/public partnership and vision about the security of its netwerks and assets. The US has a whole bunch of programs englobing the whole industrial-economic spectrum and government. These programs are all setting up contact networks, processes and guidelines. That those aren't perfect and aren't always used as it should be is normal, but at least they exist.

* There is no Europe just as there is no US. Many of the mentioned American laws are State laws and not federal but the advantage is that you don't have to wait untill the most resistant state finally accepts to secure its networks and assets to begin securing your own. The situation in Europe is much different than presented. The security of the  use of creditcards hasn't the same safety precautions throughout Europe. In some countries you don't need a pincode to use some creditcards.

* And if we are so secure than why do we have a site be-hacked in which online shops pop up from now to than ? It is not because the media doesn't talk about it that the ITinfrastructure in Belgium (and Europe) isn't attacked and hacked. But as there is no obligation to tell and as the press doesn't want to give it much attention and no parliament or governmental institution has the right to ask questions, we still think that we live in a safe fata morgana in the middle of a desert. And as long as we think we live in a fata morgana and we think we have water and green and shadow we don't have to think about the desert.

We are in a desert.

Here in Europe.

In the US they are planting trees and building pipelines and fortresses.

We are still discussing if we have to do something and what.

If you believe the article by Stijn, not much.


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