online cracking of your wireless WPA connection

First they discovered wireless and forgotten all about security, who needs that anyway, the internet was made without security so why would the wireless protocol need any security.

After a few incidents and questions the industry as they call themselves got together and decided to write some security protocols to have at least some security, but not too much or too heavy.

This WEP was easily broken, so they had to make another WPA that would be much harder to break (meanwhile people are using no security or WEP) and there is even WPA2 now.

But as with any security it can be broken and what can be broken can be sold and what can be sold can become a criminal business.

So one of the new business models from the cloud is that you can ask a collection of servers and databases to break passwords and encryption. THousands of computers do it for you and you just have to pay for the result. Isn't that fantastic, the power of the cloud for the criminals, a criminal cloud. Imagine what the GRID or Internet2 could bring for organised online crime.


Eerst was er geen beveiling toen ze begonnen met wireless. Gewoon vergeten, het moest natuurlijk eerst allemaal zo snel mogelijk gelanceerd worden.

Dan kwamen ze uiteindelijk samen om een aantal veiligheidsnormen op te stellen voor de verschillende soorten draadloze verbindingen (protocollen).

And it even doesn't has to be computers, but due to the enormous computing power for gameboxen are they the favourite tool to set up farms of boxes that will crack passwords and encryption.

What would that mean for an EID attack - to get your national register number, the most unsafe combination of letters even rassembled as an unique identifier.

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