Microsoft and the Belgian and German EID

You remember the worldwide pics of Microsoft guru Gates with a fake Belgian passport. How proud all those people were. We were selected as one of the Microsoft projects. Microsoft would use the EID for MSN (when ?), Microsoft would integrate EID in its basic kernel of their OS and Microsoft would .......

Sorry to say but after Lernaut and Hauspie (Microsoft would also integrate its technology in the kernel untill it learned how the code exactly worked...) I am a bit cynical about those PR declarations.

Now I am reading that Microsoft is putting its full weight under the new German EID project with some interesting technologies

- secure computing from a to z (code security and authentification and certification) 

- forefront security (testing and controlling all the time)

- people themselves chose what data they will share with whom (privacy preservering)

They are not doing this with some never started new working group or with some other institution that yet has to be established and funded, no they are doing it with one of the most advanced computerresearchinstitutes of Germany.

In fact I sam sure that it would be possible in Belgium to start an Interuniversity research and development center around EID that could do the real research and development the professional way.

It is after all the professional integration in professional business tools that will make the difference if the EID will have its breakthrough in the identity management portfolio. And you can't have this breakthrough if the users can't be sure that they have total control over their data and that any system they use will be profoundly secure and is certified as such.

Such an initiative will maybe also be a breakthrough in the debate about the security of the EID code that you may read between the lines of interviews and hear in off the record explanations.

Maybe Microsoft has killed the EID site for Microsoft all together already


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