what is so disturbing about these hack attacks ?

At one side, they are funny and as such they are treated like the youtube freaks

a quick laugh and quickly forgotten

but there is more to consider

cadeaufabriek.be uses no HTTPS to order cheques

the official organisation that intervenes between the clients and the energy companies uses no https on its forms in which you have to fill in all kinds of personal data

the login process for your CV on the other site has also no HTTPS protection

And there are other sites (also official) in which there is no or very scare or bad use of SSL encryption in their datahandling and -protection. There are no norms in Belgium about that.

And on top of it all, these sites were hacked.

There is no impact report or audit, there is no information for the possible victims if data has been leaked, there is only the wild wild west. Use at your own risk.Because there are no norms in Belgium about that. And as long as nobody files an complaint with the FCCU or the PrivacyCommission there is no problem.

As long as we don't talk about it, right ?

Because people could start having doubts and we would have to invest in security and we can't have that.

and that is all for today, see you tomorrow

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