Belgium wanted to keep ACTA secret ?

Belgium, Portugal, Germany, Denmark, South Korea and Singapore all supported keeping ACTA secret, with Denmark being the most vocal supporter of secrecy.

ACTA is the name of an international treaty project that as an anti piracy treaty would make it possible for inventors to have more legal leaverage against organised copying or imitating. But there are several other things that have been added to this treaty that don't necessarily belong there like the right of the  US border control to control, seize and destroy digital media and computers if they think there have pirated material on them. Also it wabted to oblige ISP's to have a termination policy for offenders of copyrights and a policy to limit the transfer of such files on their networks.

A leaked version can be found here

The European Parliament voted now for more opennes on the matter.

"The resolution demanded complete access to the ACTA negotiating texts, and it threatens a lawsuit if the European Commission fails to turn them over. Parliament was particularly miffed that the process has taken place in such secrecy, when major international IP treaties have in fact been negotiated much more openly at venues like WIPO and the WTO.

Karel de Gucht European Commissioner has reacted to the vote

* he will ask for more transparancy

"Nevertheless, I will see to it that at the next negotiating round, in April, the Commission will vigorously push its negotiating partners to agree to release the text and I will raise European Parliament concerns bilaterally with ACTA parties like the US I am scheduled to meet before then."

* the three strike rule should stay out of ACTA

"Let me be very clear on this, so there is no room for ambiguity. The 'three-strike rule' or graduated response systems are not compulsory in Europe. Different EU countries have different approaches, and we want to keep this flexibility, while fully respecting fundamental rights, freedoms and civil liberties. The EU does not support and will not accept that ACTA creates an obligation to disconnect people from the internet because of illegal downloads."

Will the Belgian delegation disagree with Karel De Gucht ?

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