dns.be will de-block conficker domainnames

really, you can read it here

"Since April 2009, DNS BE has blocked almost 200,000 .be-domain names upon the advice of ICANN (http://www.icann.org). When using the whois, the status 'blocked' was shown for these names.

Every 3 months we receive an up-to-date list from ICANN containing domain names sighted by the Conficker worm. This list contains mainly new domain names which are not yet registered, nor blocked; a small percentage contains domain names that were already sighted before.

Therefore, DNS BE has decided to unblock all non-registered domain names that figured on earlier Conficker lists but that do not pose a threat anymore. Those domain names will be unblocked this week.

In order to avoid speculation, we will never publish a list of these domain names."


okay, so why make it those guys difficult.

They can now relaunch their conficker with all the old domainnames - especially those with .be as domainextension

Why the hurry ? Conficker is still a few million strong and nobody knows exactly when the updated version will come along. If the first versions have learnt us anything, than is it that these guys are not only really smart but they also read a lot about the analysis and countermeasures and take the appropriate steps.

and most of them weren't even names but just a bunch of letters and numbers without any logical meaning.

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