Unisys securityindex Belgium : it is how you ask the question that counts

Unisys proofs with something called a study - or that wants to look like it that the answers are always influenced by the question itself or the environment/mood in which you ask the question. The problem is that their questions are so positive (if your data is kept secure) or neutral by not asking them for example if they think that banks for example should be obliged to report data breaches.

Another reason is off course that the mainstream press does not really inform the people of the growing dangers of the internet - except when it really breaks


You have now the headlines as if Belgians would give all their privacy up for a safe airline trip or for identification by banks, government and so on. Naturally you get those answers when all the rest of the interview has been in a positive mood and the people you are questioning have not been confronted by facts that could have changed their minds.

Do they know for example that if the US wants the PNR data of travellers that this includes nearly all their information and that it will be stocked indefinitely without any chance to review, correct or even demand the suppression of (some) information ? And do you think they would be as willing to respond positively if you would have asked the question in this way ?

Would you be willing to send over all your personal information to the US where the US government would keep it as long as they want and could do with it whatever they want without you having anything right to ask access or information about what information they have about you and what they are doing with it in order to take an airline to the US ?

how many would respond positively to this question ?

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