use GPS to be sure that kids go to school ....

paranoïd ? No I have read about RFID wireless devices in Japanese schools to control the whereabouts of kids and smartcards and stuff like that.

THis goes a bit further and brings the problem of locational privacy and GPS tracking to the forefront. I don't think there is anything in Belgium about that .....

But as the discussions are flaring up about what to do about all these innercity youngsters that nearly never show up at school - and don't get work either and sometimes just become small criminals - it is important to make an important point.

It is not the technology that makes the difference. It is the human counseling and empowerment that is important. As for ex-prisoners or prisoners who have 'house arrest'. The success of this program is the human aspect,  not the technological one. It only helps.

"The monitoring is still a vital part of the program, the students are given the device and have to punch in a code as soon as they arrive to school and check in with their counselors in the morning, lunchtime and at night to make sure they are staying on track. If the GPS detects the students are not where they are supposed to be at any given time, the students get a call from that counselor. Yet the type of monitoring device utilized by AIM, one that isn't physically attached to the student, was also a well thought out component to the program, Dooley said.

"The point behind that is when someone has a tracking device that's physically attached to them, they look in the mirror and see themselves as a criminal. Then they start behaving as a criminal," he said.

According to Dooley, a device the students are tasked with holding onto and taking care of gives them something they are responsible for, something they are constantly reminded of and have to do well with, which in turn will lead them to greater self confidenc



  • Using a GPS to track your kids and be sure that they go to school? That is something really bad if you actually need to do that as a parent. I just trust my kids and they trust me. Maybe I'm old fashion.

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