a short thanks to 900.000 visits

Yeah 900.000 visits and this to this kind of stuff that isn't easy to understand and isn't too well written and is totally free

just a reminder

You can find some hundreds of ITsecurity twitterstreams organised by subject on the twitter account above

You can also find tens of thousands of links to all kinds of stuff in the diigo.com links of mailforlen

most of the links and more specific info is now publised in the diigo.com security stream

and you can give me a shout at facebook or linkedin (see above) and follow this stream

I would advise you to subscribe to the RSS feed or the mailing alerts because you will never know what I will publish next

Just as a reminder, nothing will be published about my employer nor things that are given in confidence (some background information has been forwarded to contacts).

always looking for a good tip - and the source will be kept confidential

and if I didn't follow up on things or didn't blog every day, hey I have a family life and do other things in my life :)

but after all, 900.000 visits is something to be happy about and makes it a bit more worthwhile.

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