dns.be in the storm : agents start reacting

I can understand that when you have built a good succesfull business on the more or less succesfull .be domainname that you are at the least angry when your business is endangered because some people somewhere don't take the necessary steps to clean up the business from fraudulent agents.

The articles in the Belgian press that the .be domainname has been presented worldwide at the conference of ICANN as one of the main distributors (in percentage) of phishing domains (not hacked sites that are used as such) and one that doesn't react fast enough if such acts are brought to their attention have started to collect some interesting reactions.

One is the question why DNS.Be has dismantled its Ethical Commission that had the power to sanction agents that are responsable for the main part of these registrations. Those agents are known to DNS.Be but are still legitimate resellers.

The new CEO of dns.be has said that he has the intention to work on security and quality, but he will now need to act fast and restore confidence worldwide after this damaging publication. This can't be done by soleley words but have to be done with acts and sanctions and controls and new procedures and obligations.

A crisis is an opportunity to do things you normally wouldn't be able to push through. Dns.be is now in such a situation (even if they don't think so). Everything will depend on the fact if by the end of 2010 they have re-invented themselves as a maybe somewhat slower registration-activation domainextension but one that one can trust. And that if something goes wrong, there will be a team 24h every day to take all the necessary steps to undertake the necessary actions.

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