dns.be in 2009 : don't talk about problems please

DNS.Be has published its yearly review of its numbers with some pseudo research to fill the pages. For the rest it is just a jubilation of itself and a publicity product and for these reasons it is NOT a yearly review.

It did not mention - for starters - that .be was the victim of a fastflux attack in the beginning of the year (discovered here) and that it took some time to solve that problem.

It also is a bit easy to say that DNS.Be will lower the price (from 20 Euro's to 2.5 for the registrars-resellers) each time it can and that that won't impact quality and security - which are being mentioned here and there as publicity. It just doesn't add up. You can't say that you don't have the people for monitoring and fastresponse to fastflux and other attacks and at the same time lower the price of your prime product time and time again.

DNS.Be is NOT an organisation for resellers. If they want to lower the price again and again, than they should form a lobby group. Dns.Be is responsable for the whole .be domain which for most part is owned by Belgians. They are responsable for the economic and other impact .be can have if something goes wrong.

Like being mentioned as one of the top 5/top3 of the phishing domeinextensions. (also not mentioned there).

They have a strategic committee that doesn't write their own part of the report and that is more concerned about their looks than their ideas.

So yes, I think that the .be domain will have to become more expensive if it is to better protect its domainzone and follow up on the incidents that are bound to happen if you have more than 1 million domainnames to look after. And even if the registrars are protesting, they are only part of the community, they are only one of the stakeholders.

But in dns.be they seem to be the only one sitting at the table and influencing the decisions.

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