British government will close an enormous number of their websites

The labour government had already announced their plans to reduce heavily the number of seperate websites that government website had set up and continued to pay for, but untill now untill a very small number of them were effectively closed.

The new government has announced to close down at least 2/3 of all the governmental website and to oblige the seperate website to integrate the content with a few portal websites. THe economies could be enormous on that scale.

If the governmental agencies were smart they had chosen to use only domains, which would make it easier to close them down because only governmental agencies could register them. THe situation is much more complicated when one buys an enormous list of different domainnames.

It can be that those domainnames will be continued and parked somewhere so that people can be redirected to the specific pages they were looking for.

The impact on the ITmarket will be that the portalbusiness will be more important and that hosters of small websites will have to compensate their loss with other income.

The implications for Belgium are that

* a strictly controlled would make it easier to review the internetpresence from time to time and reorganise it without having to fear hijackers.

* makes for the moment a lot of money out of temporary domainnames that are only used during one year. THey find it normal that a creative idea should have its own creative websitename. This is the most stupid thing to do and wastes a a lot of money.

So the clock seems to be going back to the general portal thing with a lot of subdomains. Because the portal was becoming too big according to some communication specialists they said that each campaign needed their own personal campaignwebsite (and confused this with placing the content on a seperate site instead of integrating it in the portal and using the new domainname as a redirect service). But even than the enormous quantity of domainnames is also just confusing.

Also it costs a lot of money and is quite a problem for security to give each of these individual websites the same interactive and communication service while they would have them automatically at the portal.

So how many websites are our governments going to close down this year ?

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