RTBF is HAcked by Iranian hackers

since the 2010-07-05 15:40:40 Really and they didn't see it at all ......

They only placed some text like this

Hacked By Purgatory-VX Team

We Are : Mr.Hesy , IMP , B1M0KH , Little_Byte , R3dm0ve

Hey Admin Mr.Hesy 0wnz Ur B0x

Greets : 2 All Iranian Hackers

Hesy@host.sk -:- www.p-vx.org


but imagine they placed some viruses ........

and who still runs websites on NT ? That is just totally MAD.

and they may say that it are old sites or pages if they are old you archive them, but you don't keep them active on the web (put the site on a cdrom so nothing can be changed). Maybe it is time for Belgium to have a cemetry/archive for websites, especially public ones or those that made a public impact and are important as historical evidence of our times.

And even if they are old it may always be possible to reach interesting infrastructure behind those sites that may also be used by new sites or by other parts of their networks.

2010/07/05PURGATORY-VXRwww.footix.be/rtbf_2000/vx.htmWin NT9xmirror
2010/07/05PURGATORY-VXMwww.starsofeurope.be/rtbf_2000...Win NT9xmirror
2010/07/05PURGATORY-VXMRwww.eurovision07.be/rtbf_2000/...Win NT9xmirror
2010/07/05PURGATORY-VXMReuro2004.rtbf.be/rtbf_2000/vx.htmWin NT9xmirror
2010/07/05PURGATORY-VXMRwww.48-81-00.be/rtbf_2000/vx.htmWin NT9xmirror
2010/07/05PURGATORY-VXMwww.restonscurieux.be/rtbf_200...Win NT9xmirror
2010/07/05PURGATORY-VXMRold.rtbf.be/rtbf_2000/vx.htmWin NT9xmirror
2010/07/05PURGATORY-VXMwww.rtbfalacarte.be/rtbf_2000/...Win NT9xmirror

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