The continuing expansion of the unsecure EID card

Unsecure means : it has no public technical norms and procedures, no verification and certification, no
official technical platform, no external security tests.....

and while nobody seems to care, it just get used for more and more functions for which it wasn't meant to be

* traintickets : you can buy tickets online and the EID is used in the process
* fidelity points : some firm thinks you should keep your fidelity points on your EID
* Social security : instead of the seperate card, the EID will now be used in the pharmacy if you need medicine
and if you go to the hospital and so on...

Let's recapitulate.

Your EID is becoming your single identity point of failure.
YOur administrative identity.
Your train travel
Your shopping information.
Your medical information

what is next ?

and this in a technical environment that wouldn't be accepted in any other serious IT process.

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