the extending role of the Belgian EID

without much oversight or governance

in some cities in Belgium you have to pay to be able do dispose your trash that you can't set out with the dustbin and in others it is free.Sometimes those cities are next to each other which means that some habitants from the costly city want to bring their big trash to the collection points in the free city.

But as this is a costly matter for the cities, they have installed a system to control who may have access.

It uses the EID.

another facet of identity and privacy that is now linked to this EID.

a machine is scanning my EID.

I don't have a clue what it is checking, what is registering and what is keeping.

It is just one of these new machines that take the EID and its whole propaganda  for granted.

With each new use and step the EID is becoming 'too big to fail'. But that doesn't mean that if it will fail, the government will have to step in big time.

If you see more uses of EID that are strange or mind-blowing, inform us.

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