blogs of La derniere Heure used to sell fake louboutin shoes

It is a big popular newspaper and they thought 'hey why don't we give our readers the possibility to set up a blog at our site" and so was done. They went to the lawyers, the marketing people and the IT people and that was it, the were born. They thought.

Because if no cat is watching the house, the mouse will come out and take it over.

After finding the site I thought, well what would the situation be in Belgium ?

It seems that those blogs (in english spamlanguage) were especially set up to be high in the search engine (Google site:be and louboutin shoes)

and link to sites like and a few others

but what do you read on the about us of this site (in bad english)

"If you are a person paying attention to brand name and want genuine products only, please go to the official site, but if your attention is focused on substantial benefit, you will enjoy a great shopping journey on our website. We can offer you the same quality, certification, warranty, accessories of Christian Louboutin as the official site but with much lower price. We have the back prop, the factory efficiently and steadfastly supporting the producing of our commodities .The factory occupies a floor space of 1.75 square kilometers in China, equipped with ample modern facilities and intelligent talents. Every product from our factory has gone through extremely strict test. Never Let the unqualified products get into the market is our aim. Either from the soft ware or the hard ware, our factory can be acclaimed top one in China. And after several decades of effort, we have gained an unshakably prestigious fame, which have left the other competitors far away behind. "

In fact they are quite honest about it.

Close it down and check your blogs more often if you don't want to have legal problems one day with your service provider or a legal department.

what is also curious to see that there are plenty of sites that have in their comments (who needs them ?) references to fake "louboutin shoes"   How to check your site  google  site:.yoursite.xx  louboutin viagra porn movie warez


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