re-organisation and update of the security dashboard update2

Well now that is upgraded and is proving to be an excellent service I have updated and concentrated more links and feeds there. This makes it simpler than sending people to diigo, twitter and a lot of other pages and services.

But to do that I had to re-organize a few things.

But time is not on my side as it flows away before I get everytthing done I wanne do - even if I try to limit the time I spend on this resource.

I have limited the number of dijgo categories otherwise It took to long to insert links in the database. You can follow those favourites of mine on one page here.

The archives (also the old indexes with hacked and spammed Belgian pages) are still accessable

I do not tweet but i send this blog to twitter and I follow a lot of security and other twitters. Those I have organised in different lists - I know I have to update them - one of the things to do. You can follow all of them here.

If you want to follow the twitterlists in your email you should use this tool

As I am now connected through seemic I will follow more up on tweets and messages..... :)

The other thing that changed is that nearly all (Except for the Google Badware pages on one netvibe page) public Belgian malware domains and alerts are placed together here. You can open the pages and you will see immediately if your domains are mentioned. Arbor Networks asks a login for Belgian news so you will have to ask them yourself a login or just trust that if there is something really important going on it will be published here. But since we have a CERT over here things have reallly been much better. If only they would get more resources....

Some more Belgian resources will be placed here later. The hacked and insecure sites I am finding during my research are now together in one feed. you can subscribe to the feed here or look at the latest ones at the Belgian malware page at netvibes.

The problem with Google reader - which is great for the rest is that the RSS feed of the groups is quite limited. For the moment there are about 1700 feeds that are collected in different groups. Some of the most important have their public pages with the links on a netvibes page here.

So you have for the moment

- feeds from hundreds of blogs and sites

- tweets from 400 mostly security tweeters

- more than 50.000 links and favourites (diigo)

more or less integrated in one environment (even if a lot of the stuff is an echo, retweeting, republishing, blogging about the same thing or just sending the same links to the same articles)

Not bad for a first clean up operation.

Look out for more.





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