More updates to the security information dashboard

The google reader has been upgraded with a lot of new interesting RSS feeds

You can follow those at the security dashboard (my google feeds)

The security dashboard itself has been upgraded with some new pages and functions and links.

Do not be surprised that information and links and tools are a bit changing from place at netvibes because we are reconstructing a new information place.

To give an idea what is happening is that I have closed my Igoogle and several other informationkeeping services and re-organized them.

The securitydashboard has now also

- a page with securitytests for the individual

- a page with networktests

- a page with freewaretools, information about how to use tools and tips and updates for software

- updates with links from delicious and digg are also added

- a page with technews from a selection of the best known international sites


If you want to work with me at this dashboard, quite possible just contact me


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