throwing away 7000 emails and changing to RSS - why tech newsletters stink

So I was subscribed to the lot of them - thought that so I wouldn't have to miss something and that reading mail would be faster than those sites and feeds and so on.

Meanwhile several of the online informationmanagement-services have upgraded and are now worthwhile so I decided to empty my yahoo box from the last several months and decided to keep only the things that I couldn't have in RSS or pagewatchupdate and that were worthwhile reading.

Now I have a clean mailbox because only a few newsletters survived.

They don't have all those ads and false reporting by whitepapers and stuff like that

They have full text and sources.

They don't have all those ads and colours and other html stuff that makes reading an investment.

The problem is that most technewsletters have started with good intentions but have added more and more sponsor and stylish nonsense.

Like conferences that are more filled with salestalk rather than techtalk and ITsec hype of the day that just puts other names on other products or functions.

A bit boring after all these years. Have seen it all, have heard it all. Bla bla bla.

So as I have more links in my rss feeds It will be easier to weed out the commercial and rubbish and select the better stuff.

And if you ain't got RSS yet, you rather think twice. Or you make something easy and interesting to read in mail or you add RSS.

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