protecting Belgian politicians in cyberspace from domainsquatting

So we are talking about domainsquatting which is registering a domainname for a person or brand that is not yours and for which you have no objective reason to claim it

It is not cyberspeech - for example boycotxxx.be or neenaanxxxx.be - or domaintyposquatting in which only a letter changes - for example www.diirupo.be or di-rupo.be

According to Belgian law it is illegal to do but as long as DNS.Be continues to sell domainnames as if they are soap and doesn't control anything - even if the list of politicians is free to download from the net and can be integrated in a database - situations like the following will continue to happen.

An elected representative was quite astonished when a french newspaper published an article about her outrageous personal website that proves that her party (NVA, quite seperatist) is in fact extremist and not a moderate party. The website in question was a full with negatitionist articles, pedoconspiracies and that kind of stuff

It seems that our Belgian international neonazi and publisher of negationist material who was condemned already several times had registered her personal domainname ingefaes.be (now inactive)

DNS.Be has in the meantime not taken any steps to block the ownership so the domain can't be transferred to anybody else untill a decision has been made about the legality and even more the opportunity of this action

Naam ingefaes
Registratie 25 juli 2010
Laatste wijziging 26 juli 2010 0:06
Taal Engels
E-mail verbekeherbert@yahoo.com
Onsite contactpersonen
Naam Herbert Verbeke
Taal Engels
Organisatie Key-Systems GmbH
Website www.key-systems.net

but it is really strange that on verkiezingssite.be in 2009 she gave that site as her personal site

probably she forgot to renew it or didn't know what to do with it but she can't blame the media who doesn't know her that it was her site. They could have contacted her, yeah.

but after all, was it worth all that trouble, those 30 Euro's a year for your .be domainname.

because as you see, dns.be will seel domainnames like soap, so long the politicians finally don't stop this.


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wss hebben de mensen van verkiezingssite.be de website zelf aangevuld...

Posted by: m | 09/11/2010

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