how many domainextensions does Belgium need ?

a domainextension is what you see behind the name, it is the .com or .be or .net that you see. Untill now these domainextensions have been organised around the country that every country had its own (few exceptions) and that aside where a few generic domainextensions. The number of Generic domainsextensions only kept growing and now ICANN has decided that every city or brand or region or whatever can organize its own domainextensions if it is willing to pay the (huge) price. Now a lot of multinationals are counting how much they spend on all these websites on all these extensions and if a seperate domainextension (coca) wouldn't be cheaper and more effective. It is more easy to say to that only the  .coca or .fortis domainnames are legal and that all the rests are frauds than to try to buy all the domainnames and their variations in all the different domainextensions.

That is the good part and that is why I support it - even if I think that the price for your own domainextension is much too high.

the problem now is what all these different domainextension will do. If they are going to have a very lax dns infrastructure and registration policy than we won't have to do with a real business of business hacking and redirecting but also with tenfold of frauduluous domainnames. The result may even be that some or most of these new domainextensions will be blocked entirely by the webfilters.

Belgium will problably have two new domainextensions

.gent (the unknown diamond of Belgium according to some)  this is in my opinion stupid because you limit yourself to the flemish name of the city .ghent would be better

.vlaanderen (who will remember that outside vlaanderen)

the biggest problem will be the operational level. If we don't want any cowboys or amateurs managing domainextensions we should oblige them to be certified and work with certified people and to have someone with a certified dns securitycertificate . We should also make yearly reports about the way in which they did their work and the number of incidents and frauds that were found in their domeinzone and how they did respond. We should takeover and transfer the management of domainextensions that are so badly operated that they are a danger for the whole internet or DNs infrastructure.

I think that in Belgium should evolve from the operator for .be to a general operator for all the domainextensions in Beligum. They have proven the last year that they have understood that security is the one of the most important factors of trust and that you need trust to be able to sell enough domainnames to make some money that you can reinvest in your infrastructure.

If for some political or private reasons the new domainextensions want to restart from zero, they shouldn't be surprised that the security community will have no mercy if they make mistakes and are being found amateurs.

For .ghent it a new firm set up by some ex employees of that say they will handle and finance it. It seems to be their first experience 'on their own'. a chance or a risk it is from which perspective you look at it.

for other domainextensions, you should have your plan and  your demand ready by more and contact the ICANN who probably will decide by october which new domainextenions will be accepted

there is a possibility that if you aren't ready now or want to look first how it goes that there won't be a second round because there were too many incidents, because there is no will to do it all over again, because there are already enough of them now, because everything has to be reviewed before and that can take years and so on. so even if you don't make it fully operational or only want to use for internal communication in the first place, you should consider jumping on the first train. You can find it difficult to explain to your CEO or political boss that you didn't want to have - even a formal demand - because you wanted to be prudent - while it maybe the case that there will not be another chance after - or that it can take up to 2 to 3 years before you can introduce a new demand. And 200.000 dollar in a communication budget of an international firm or big government is peanuts.

which other domainextensions should belgium have

.flanders  (instead of vlaanderen)  or .vl

.ghent (instead of gent)

.bruges (instead of brugge)

.bru (for brussels, bruxelles and brussel)

.wal (for wallonia)

and meanwhile Google will have a field day because without Google we won't be able to locate any content

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