new list of 300 free books about science, IT, history etc... on scribd indexed here

you can follow me reading books on at twitter!/scribdbooks

and from time to time you can find here listings of a all kinds of books here

the first list (more than 300) of mostly english 100+ page documents and books

can be found here

you have to be a member of scribd to download their books - but hey enjoy

and if you want more books or follow just the scribd feed at scribd

you can find me here at

there are also some 300 books and documents to download

some 30.000 links to book - click on the shelf of which many are grouped according to subject

and following a 6000 people in case they publish new books online that are interesting

so even if scribd is having less interesting stuff and books than before the strict copyright restrictions

there is still interesting stuff to read or download


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