• as if the security-intelligence industry didn't already understand

    1. you will be attacked (if not by anonymous than by espionage)

    2. you will be hacked if you haven't secured everything the way you are supposed to do with your clients (aren't you ?)

    3. all information that is not destroyed will be found

    4. all information that is not strongly encrypted and protected by a double access method or Information leakage protection will be leaked and published

    5. you keep too much information on the forefront of your infrastructure. Only actual and pertinent information should be in accessable infrastructure.

    You are not paranoid enough

    It is time you begin to become more paranoid

    you thought you were the king but you are naked and your name is Icarus

  • more about Mantech (worldwide breach alert)

    so Mantech needs a lot of ITsecurity people right now


    most of them are at DOD, CIA or in Washington and 2 in Iraq


    but they also have operations in Afghanistan, Turkey, Yougoslavia, Germany


    and if you look at the map you will see much more



    Their lists reads like an oversight of the Us intelligence industry


    who are paying them a lot of money

    Wed, 27 Jul 2011 20:04:00 GMT
    ManTech Announces Financial Results for Second Quarter of 2011
    Revenue: $752.7 million, up 14 percent (8 percent organic) Diluted EPS: $0.99, up 13 percent Cash Flow from Operations: $176 million, up 151 percent Dividend Payment: $15.4 million ($0.42 per common share) in June Fiscal Year 2011 Guidance: Reaffirms revenue, net income, and EPS guidance FAIRFAX, Va., Jul 27, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) --ManTech International Corporation (NASDAQ:MANT) (www.mantech.com), a leading provider of innovative technologies and solutions for mission-critical national security programs

    and the full index of the site


    the first leak is from a security engineer for NATO


    You can understand that there is for the moment a worldwide watch organized to get the documents that are leaked as fast as possible and try to close down authentification and other access that may be compromized. Also phones and identities will have to be changed for several people.

  • CBconsultation or how to make sure that you are the next victim

    Latest news: CB Consultation is in the process of assisting the F.B.I. and the C.I.A. in the apprehension of Anonymous and Lulzsec members.

    CB Consultation is dedicated to connecting and protecting your world and investments. Our current services cover a wide variety of fields. We work with organizations [commercial, public, law enforcement & military] and individuals [residential & private] to help them plan, manage and deal with every aspect of life in this rapidly changing world of technology. From complete computer care to loss prevention, training classes and workshops, mobile payment solutions, web design, branding and image creation and so much more, we have you covered.


    two possibilities

    * or this is an expensive set-up or trap and they have prepared everything to track everyone and everything going their way

    * or they are so stupid to think that by doing the same thing as HBgary they will get away with it and have lots of publicity and new clients

    by the way I think that everybody who is close or near working with the intelligence and army in the Us is one way or another (freelance or on business time) working to find Lulzsec in the first place and some Anonymous afterwards

    every small operator thinks now that they will get the jackpot contracts if they can deliver those high valued targets

    but in fact they are playing poker and can as well lose everything

    because they don't know who has the joker in his hand

  • another big (Us) cybersecurity firm hacked by Anonymous (500MB dox)

    In one of its contracts with the FBI, ManTech received a $99.5 million cyber security services contract with the FBI’s Security Division. The company also counts the Department of Defense, Department of State, Homeland Security and many more government entities as customers.

    Along with letting the world know more data will be released on Friday, the group continued to blast the FBI and show no fear. “We are not scared anymore. Any threats to arrest us are meaningless. We are past threats. We just act. #AntiSec #FFFriday,” the group posted via Twitter.

    aren't they investing enough money and manpower in their own security and just collecting funds from others ?

    the DOD has begun with setting rules for contractors on cybersecurity from end to end

    probably not implemented yet

    it will be released before the opening of the stockmarket - a lesson they learned from the ongoing Oppaypal operation (you can hurt them so much harder if you do a Viral release just before the stock market opens). Remember HBgary lost a whole bunch of contracts when it was hacked by Anonymous.

    I do not understand how the spies in the IRC channels didn't see that - there was talk yesterday of an ongoing hacking - this proofs that for all your laws, people, budgets and technology you are still not capable of understanding what is happening, analyzing it, reacting to it and taking preventive action

    those who think that the cybercops will protect you - are once again - proven to be FAIL. You are for the moment still on your own and should never rely on anything else but your own investments, controls and people to secure your castle. Everything outside your castle is and will be for a long time still to come : unsafe

  • antisec-Anonymous has a new tool to down your server in one minute

    they will start using it in september

    but the test - on a great platform of servers - already gave this result

    "Pastebin was down from 0900 – 0942 GMT on 7/29. We were testing a new product for our fellow anons and AntiSec folks. We ran the software for 17 seconds at 0859 GMT and exited the project page with the java run program. Passtebin was down for 42 minutes after that, with me only having mIRC and Vidalia TOR open. Wow. Get excited. Coming Fall 2011 to a Server Near You.

    maybe this means that we can throw the leaking LOIC software in the bin

    they were saying that they were working on a new software

    traditional targets will better be prepared (monitoring - filtering - responding - and recovery)

    do not forget that while you are busy on the uptime front, others maybe penetrating your insecurities or extracting documents

  • new term : to dox someone

    the term is  used on twitter

    it arised when some hackers or security analysts tried to get the 15minutes of fame (and weeks of hell) when they tried to identify (out) the people in or behind Anonymous and Lulzsec

    they started calling it 'the dox on somebody', we doxed lulzsec

    and than those groups started 'doxing' those people

    and so people are now doxing each other

    it means that you publish all the online and offline information that you find

    as if anybody has the right to do that

    respecting Anonimity - even relative - begins with ourselves

    otherwise we agree with the Facebook ideology about online identity (and if they think people can protest and still give their real names they have never experienced a dictatorship or spoken to a refugee or activist). They said they were looking into it to give activists other identities but how do you construct that process and who will verify this and how and why should you refuse such an identity in one country and not in another ?

    you could also say that intelligence agencies are doxing us all the time

  • antisec-Anonymous has a new tool to down your server in one minute

    they will start using it in september

    but the test - on a great platform of servers - already gave this result

    "Pastebin was down from 0900 – 0942 GMT on 7/29. We were testing a new product for our fellow anons and AntiSec folks. We ran the software for 17 seconds at 0859 GMT and exited the project page with the java run program. Passtebin was down for 42 minutes after that, with me only having mIRC and Vidalia TOR open. Wow. Get excited. Coming Fall 2011 to a Server Near You.

    maybe this means that we can throw the leaking LOIC software in the bin

    they were saying that they were working on a new software

    traditional targets will better be prepared (monitoring - filtering - responding - and recovery)

    do not forget that while you are busy on the uptime front, others maybe penetrating your insecurities or extracting documents

  • #unmanifest how to distribute the files

    just a few ideas

    a good list of free file servers


    some multi uploadservices that are free


    more ideas may follow or put in the comments

  • #unmanifest this is hilarious fun and some examples (to distribute)

    In fact you can do two things with his manifesto

    You can read it and become sad of such stupidity and dangerous tunnel vision

    or you can show that it is totally ridiculuous

    first all documents here have been cleaned of the terrorist practical part

    secondlly there is a folder with a clean Word version for you to copy

    so than you open the document and you go to search and replace and you replace words throughout the document with other words

    for example islam with smurfs or with any other word you come up with

    you can change one word or several words so it really becomes nonsense

    what it really is

    and than you send it everywhere and place it everywhere

    and somewhere someone will download it and will find it strange or a good joke on a stupid text

    Viva groucho marx


  • the real question about the future arrest of lulzsec and sabu

    there is no question about it that the real lulzsec and/is sabu are/is the most hunted person(s) on the web and the world for the moment and probably a number of specialized cops are doing nothing else and have all the time, resources and legal papers to do whatever is legal to get them (to not jeopardize a trial with illegal evidence or provocation)

    but the hunted know that (and shouldn't forget it for a second - even in heated chat or with too little time to do too many things (and forget a detail of the anonimization work) and for the moment they are saying that they are still out of reach (they are maybe closing in or circling around)

    but the questions are not if they will get arrested - eventually any big cyberthief, hacker will probably get arrested (if we believe the books) whenever they are faced with experienced cybercops who have all the time and the resources to get them (if at the same time they should also solve the hacking of a series of simple websites every day they will never get their real work done)

    the real questions when they are arrested are the following

    * did you also get the data that isn't published yet. As you remember there is still a giga Nato material and 8 gig Italian cybercop material and 4 gig sun mails for example laying around in their community. The complexity of the operation is not only to get them arrested but also to get the information before they can send it to someone else.

    Assange and another German hackergroup have encrypted their unpublished 'loot' and promised that the day something happened to them the key will become public.

    * are you ready for the repraisals ? so you have located them and you know they are there (because they are chatting live and not using a service that sends your tweets or chats on programmed hours (at real random). Well before you go on storming into the houses and arresting them and before you will have them presented to the public someone somewhere will have known it, published it and if they are the real leaders the first revenge actions will begin. Is your network operator ready for the onslaught or will servers, networks and services like phones go down ? Will you be hacked and lose mails or documents ? And how do you inform them and take all the precautionary actions without alarming someone that they are closing in (and sending a tweet - they are going to get you - get out)

    every final takedown that doesn't take this in consideration will FAIL

    but you should also understand that this will not stop the whole movement. It will maybe cripple the hacker attacker group of the movement for a while but it will not stop the movement an sich.

    I feel a bit sorry for these young kids. Hope they were only spokespersons or simple clicktavists and not nothing really illegal that will hunt him for the rest of his life.

  • antisec hacking campaign of member accounts coming to holland and belgium

    so it had to come to this

    some hacker has found that it was quite easy to hack into belgian and dutch websites and forums with sql injection and to publish the accounts with the information online

    for the moment it are only a few sites with a few hundred accounts together - but the belgian cert has been informed and got most of the information and how to find the new belgian leaks

    but we are seeing some things that are quite disturbing

    why do military and other people from government institutions and banks use their professionals emailaddresses in online webforums, porn sites and gambling or gaming sites

    did they forget that it is the wild wild west out there and that the compromise of your account can lead to a lot of other intrusions and information leakage (what is in your mailbox)

    you can also follow my twitterfeed for updates and alerts

  • brusselsjournal.com still sick and under investigation (and a joke)

    you must really be hardheaded to be able to deny any role of influence when the tone of all your discourse and comments can lead to such acts and if you thought that that tone has tempered a bit you would be dreaming, these people will stop at nothing and they will never, never change their mind or course (and eventually look the other way when necessary so that 'wir haben nicht gewusst')

    they now have some more moderate posts but aside you can read recent reactions like this

    "Multiculturalism has nothing to do with diversity and plurality, but rather with imposed unity replacing common values. It is only a temporary phase, leading to the next milestone: giving groups immunity from the common law and making them dependent on community-specific laws. At best, multiculturalism is a form of cohabitation which growingly becomes more agressive, leading to a State in the State, contrary to what a Republic should be.  

    This criticism has nothing to do with racism nor with xenophobia, because it does not imply a rejection of foreigners.  The only aim is to prevent that the foreigner behaves as the new owner instead of as a guest. Is it still allowed to think this way, or is it too late?"


    so what is different from this and what they guy is thinking and why he thought he had to do that ? that it will be a state in a state, that their norms will be imposed, that it is nearly too late (ah the end of society, culture, humanity, the world,....)

    * they only have a few thousand visitors a day reading a few posts

    * they are now under investigation and surveillance

    by the way, violence or suppression of the rights of women has nothing to do with islam or any other religion or ideology or even text, it has only to do with an extremist interpretation that is common to all extremist tendencies in all religions and ideologies

    the battle is not between islam and the west or any other culture shock, the battle is between democrats and extremists (whatever their name or religion)

    and for the joke (click and look at the advertising at your right)

    If Only He Had Read The Brussels Journal - The Brussels Journal_1311862432041.png

  • #unmanifest : why not delete the real versions everywhere

    when you look for the manifesto you will find it everywhere

    which was his goal in fact

    so why not bring it back to the forgotten dustbin of history

    and ask to delete it everywhere because unappropriate (has manuals to make explosives that were used and is racists and incites to violence)

    at least from the main news sources

    everybody who had to study it for research already had a chance to have it

    No ?

    maybe somebody could make a program like that

    so that we could do the same with mein kampf and revisionist material

    p.ex. beginning with the document hosting services like scribd.com

  • #oppaypal : a new term : Distributed Boycott of service (DBOs)

    well every new thing has a name

    this organisation of an action by which up to 40.000 people delete their account on an online service provider (even if it still has a million others) is only possible on that scale by the digital interface (that paypal blocked to stop the avalanche - once you can only do it through a telephone it takes a lot more time and you limit the speed and number of the boycotts - somebody should speak to the FTC and EU about that)

    the other victim is naturally the KKK (who last also their Paypal account) because it is strange to block funds for wikileaks and at the other hand accept funds for nuts like the KKK (and others)

    as Anonymous is a movement and still in movement as long as it is a movement nobody can foresee what will happen and what it will do next

    for many people in the Anonymous movement or its onwatchers this is a good because legal action that could be used against numerous other things

    I remember the time we didn't buy things from south Africa under Apartheid or when we started buying only certain products like coffee only from Oxfam (so now they are in the supermarkets)

    the greatest power of the people comes from its pockets '(even if each of us is poor together we are worth a billion)

  • #unmanifest : the other legal Anonymous operation you can support (and how)

    as the manifest of the terrorist about the European awakening is being downloaded by a bunch of crazies (next to all the cops, curious and researchers) it is maybe not a bad enough to put also bad or adapted copies around - just to have a bit of fun with them

    this is what this operation is about

    you can follow it with the #unmanifest in twitter but not so many people are participating for the moment

    maybe the idea is the following

    you download the manifesto of the nut  (see here for a text version) and here for a doc version

    than you change the version

    clean - you throw everything out that could be used by a terrorist to make his own bombs (from page 1300 or something)

    smoke and food - you change the pages with the receipts for bombs but in this way that you change it with receipts for dinners or something that only makes a lot of smoke but does nothing else (don't hurt the bastard it could be a messed up kid)

    sex and porn - you add pornpics and sexual terms because in many computers and networks this will sound off alarms (and get them into trouble because they are downloading 'porn')

    humorous - you change text by things that make no sense especially the diary sections 

    ideological - you insert texts about love and being good and equality or from the bible or the Koran or whatever book (Mein kampf maybe) You can also add pictures from holocaust and so on

    illegal (but probably used by intelligence services already) you put trackers and spyware in the PDF file so that a server can receive an IP from everybody that downloads this shit. In PDF it is also possible to put trojans and backdoors. In pictures also or .txt files).

    This will only work if you

    * give your online avatar a really facist, racist or any other zog islamophobic name like christian_soldier, anti-zog, white_guerilla, right-resistance

    * if you want to set up a forum or website to make sure that enough people come and find your stuff you have to be sure to copy enough crazy stuff from extreme-right stuff like zionists take over, islam takes over, it is all one big world guided by illimunati and so on

    * you have to call the link to the document 'the real version', 'authentic', 'no falsification', or something else like that

    * if you do it, stay anonymous. If I do it, you won't know about it. Maybe someone somewhere is already downloading such stuff without knowing

    Let them be more paranoid every day so they go more and more underground and lose all credibility they were having with the aid of so called nutty rightwing bloggers

    Words can be bullets and the Unmanifest is your gun

    ps music and film companies are doing this since years when they load masses of 'dummy' music and film files into the P2p networks

  • #oppaypal paypal is suspending the closure of accounts

    You have to call to an Us number where different questions will be given

    so many accounts are closing that they want to be sure that it is legit

    some attempts of massive unblocking with hacked logins maybe underway - who says

    the question remains if what they are doing is legit

    meanwhile you can also simply stop using it or stay away from it

    but no company has known such an organized 'flash mob'

    speculators are buying ebay paypal stock now

  • #oppaypal belgian net activists : close it and twitter it

    If you close your paypal account don't forget to twitter it to #oppaypal

    every drop makes a sea

    they sued a girl for half a million dollars because of damage to infrastructure because of the DDOs campaign

    the stock is now down with already 2% and sliding

    they will lose a few hundred million by the end of the day

    and the reputation damage is costing them much more now and in the near future

    and it will cost them even much more to make that good

    will paypal become a titanic - they are heading that way

    it all depends if the management in the ballroom wants to continue dancing or is capable of doing something to resolve the crisis

    prosecution will not help here

    this is an organized run on the bank by collective action

    I hope they have enough money to pay everything and it is more than 7%

    If people are closing their paypal accounts this will reflect on ebay....

    sinking Titanic it can become

    prepare your story : the day the end of Paypal and ebay started  (like geocities and myspace)

  • #oppaypal : the legal power of consumers is they can chose to leave

    Anonymous has launched the first massive legal action against paypal.

    No you don't have to click them or send them letters. You just have to close down your account or ignore it or look for alternatives or ask the service provider for alternatives

    rumors that already 30.000 people have closed down their accounts are to be verified but the topic is trending on the internet and the action has only started a few hours

    the real impact is that no real internetprivacy defender or progressive or liberal website will - for the moment - think about using paypal (or not look for other alternatives)

    there are several other reasons why the time is right

    * it is in dollars and the dollar is slipping (except if you will buy in dollars)

    * the service itself is expensive

    * it is not anonymous

    * you pay taxes on it in the Us

    but the real reason is that the head of security of Paypal has a bigger mouth than a brain

    A few weeks ago he went on the web to say that the Anonymous has to be arrested and tracked down and that it was necessary for the survival of the web blablablabla  (I think insecure servers and software are more dangerous for the web right now)

    Now it appears that Paypal has given the FBI publicly 1000 IP addresses of the biggest attackers during the payback operation when under political pressure they stopped accepted payments for wikileaks (and accepted for the KKK for example). A payment service has to be neutral or it isn't a payment service anymore but for example a bank or investor.  Many of those IP adresses will actually proof nothing or will hardly come to trial while numerous lives and careers will be broken or interrupted in this revenge prosecution.

    The problem is that there was for the moment not really another big alternative.

    You have bitcoin but you have to know that you are neither really anonymous neither totally secure and you should also understand quite well how it works.

    You have webmoney and other online systems (some based in Russia) but you should also know that some of these services can be closed down any day because they are also used by spammers, scammers and the mob. If at that moment you had several hundreds of dollars in it, it will be gone.

    You can use prepaid cards that are being launched by several creditcard companies for online transactions. I like this idea and I think that now will also be the best moment to relaunch that idea (even if Mastercard and Visa have also interrupted payments to wikileaks as long as they not actively and publicly attack Anonymous and try to prosecute the youngster that were stupidly clicking on a button of a software, it is possible that they get away with it for the most of the people for some time). As it is supported by big corporations you can also suppose that the system may have for now a higher level of security and insurance than bitcoin which is being reworked right now by people from Lulzsec-Antisec.

    For services and products that are legal you can sometimes use your phone bill (sms) to pay.

    You won't see any paypal here for the moment.

    I think someone at Paypal headquarters is shouting quite hard at the infosec why he had to say all that and if he has more frustation than brains in his head. I would be frustrated if I would become the chief officer of security and say at that time that now everything will be the best of the best to see that your frontend crumbles under some simple DDOs attacks.

    They can sack him and stop the complaints and prosecution and excuse themselves and try to have a dialogue or explain why they didn't have any choice and as I have already said try to break paypal in different legally seperate branches so you can't cut the whole of Paypal of from one site or country because somewhere in the world there will still be a paypal that can process the payments because the american or international law can't touch them.

    Ebay the owner of paypal is losing stock worth - and this will only increase if the campaign intensifies and that greater loss will increase the strength of the campaign and so on

    untill some investor says that some-one has to stop the comedy, that this is all about their money and that nobody that the right to take such risks with it and does what is necessary to stop the campaign and get the trust back of the online activists.

    paypal is not a political party, nor a governmental agency, nor a church, they are a payment processor and they should behave like that.

    One should also accept that the campaign to bring down wikileaks has failed for 50% (not much new material) but that the movement will continue and that one will have to treat intelligently with the movement. They are here to stay

    If you ever come across or against Anonymous or the branches or groups, be gently and quiet

    You better don't fuck with Anonymous, the Russian Mob or the FBI on your doorstep.

  • Belgian spyeye banktroyan servers still active ?

    The Federal Computer Crime Unit says it has already closed 60 botnetservers this year in Belgium

    DNs.Be has assured us that it would close down any account that is being abused

    well, here are a few that are still listed as active .be botnet servers (located outside belgium)

    that need to be closed down

    I didn't visit them as they will confront your computersystem will all kinds of unforeseen attacks and you don't know what will happen next

    spyEye is the most intelligent and flexible and difficult banking trojan virus around and even banks have to upgrade permanently their security and monitoring jus to stay ahead (of the older versions :) )


    there are also .eu domains still active


    2011-02-22 milinewo.be 4 online 0 Not listed - AS50515 838:59:59


    2011-07-13 brop.be 4 online 1 Not listed - AS41665 344:04:14
    2011-06-22 kebbe.co.be 4 online 0 Not listed - AS35732