Canadian governmental offices seperating intranet from internetaccess

Today, the Department of Finance and the Treasury Board are still limiting internet access to their workers. Employees take laptops to Ottawa coffee shops, or work from home.

The departments now have separate computer stations on each floor — systems that are not part of the government’s computer network.

That’s where workers can go to access websites they need for research and policy work. If those computers are taken, people do their surfing at a coffee shop.

no this doesn't mean that you have to go to a coffeeshop to get internetaccess - and have a man in the middle attack or a rogue access point - but yes, the basic idea is that internet and intranet are two different networks that are isolated from each other if security needs it

you may even not need it for your whole administration but for the most critical offices this wouldn't be a bad idea at all - if you have very safe - tranportpoints (computers checking everything that goes on the internet or the intranet)

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