unsafety of the cloud : thousands of websites (not 700.000) defaced with one attack


this is why dedicated hosting is important if your website is really important for you (and it may cost a few bucks for hosting instead of peanuts with the monkeys)

the hacker claims there are 700.000 of them that he defaced but when you download the file with all the sites you will see that the same sites keep coming back and that you could probably speak of a few thousand websites which each had several pages defaced because he claims that he has defaced (changed) all the index.html and index.htm sites. A website can have a certain number of these pages (for example for each subdomain and/or for each category)

Many of these websites are .be and many of them are ticketssites, webshops and sites with personal information

such sites should have been obliged by law to have a seperate dedicated hosting

the hoster is InMotion Hosting network

and remember this story when they tell you that you are safely hosted on such a big platform because the administrator rights are seperated, because the platform is updated and because they have installed security installations 

the number of .be sites that were defaced will go up again this monthby adding those 100 new ones

oh and the system was on Linux and Apache for those who still believe that from the moment you put it on Linux it is going to be safe

zone-h.org counts 100.000 defaced sites for this action - which is quite possible if you see the doubles in his listing and the cleaning of the data that zone-h.org does

the defacements themselves are gone but here is an example and if you forget to backup you will have now a white page (even if you are a software company)



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