Indian founder of hotmail (webbased mail that is) launches free worldwide sms texting

so if this is true

and this really works

as it should work

because I am still looking for a catch

and there are not so many references on the web as it is quite new

and under the radar as one calls this

this app you can download on any smartphone or tablet would make it possible to send free txt over the world whatever your location

it is a bit like the online free sms services but migrated to the app world

something we will see even more in the future

if this really works, than txt will lose its value alltogether just as phonetime did (if you compare the costs over 10 years)

so maybe you should try it :

and it surely makes you wonder why not buy a tablet or smartphone for the end of the year, download that app and skype and some other free connection services (to your wifi that you have upgraded to unlimited) and not to 3G which is far too expensive

oh that is the catch, probably you connect online through the app (which makes it expensive)

so it is only free if you use it at home and you don't have to worry about wifi access

this sounds like a solution for families with teenagers who are texting as if they are chatting (and probably should be chatting instead)

and yes it seems that there are now all kinds of jobs on the web for programmers to develop exactly the same thing, because if he wants to try it (and he made hotmail, remember) than there could be something in it

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