Set my Belgian mobile FREE

In Belgium we are paying a lot of money for  our telephones, mobiles and digital television and internet (even when they are packaged) when we compare that to france or the UK. The reason is that we have too few operators who are willing to diminue the price (and instead are just concentrating on services and products)  In France there is an operator who is concentrating primarily on price and spends as little as possible on marketing, management and  unnecessary infrastructure (he rents it when possible). The firm is called Free.

They already have changed the internet and telephone business definitively. You have an unlimited internet, VOIP telephone and digital television package ofr 30 Euiro’s. The firm will now become the fourth mobile operator in France and has presented its two main formulaes yesterday. For another 29 euro’s you can have unlimited texting and calling (even in Europe) and a few gigabytes of mobile internettraffic.

This is what I call a gamechanger. It makes mobile internetconnection not something you should worry about (except if you start to have all your internettraffic on your tablet ot phone)  and calling someone is something you can do without counting the credits you have left.
Bring Free to Belgium, to Europe to the world …… Set us FREE.

The most interesting fact in the is that telephone operators for the moment have 30% to 40%  margins. Free only cuts that in half and slashes costs. Maybe telephone companies and operators should do the same,  Telephone users shouldn’t be subsidizing management overhead, technology petprojects and marketing stupidities.
Oh and before I forget, you can get out whenever you want of your ‘contract’ and you don’t have to pay for that.
Fundamentally the other discussion is that one should open the Belgian cable industry to other operators and make a distinction between the network operators who rent their infrastructure to service operators. We have done this for the trains, electricity and gas, why not for telecommunication and television where this is even more pertinent. It will also be the solution to diminish the number of antennas of all the diffirent operators (leading to questions about the health effects) and diminishing the enormous overhead and start-up costs. It will make it easier for new and nich service operators to introduce themselves on the Belgian market at acceptable prices for the Belgian consumers.

It would also finish the discussions about all the different access rights between the networks of the operators, the roaming costs and so on.

Well, Vandelanotte, what you are waiting for, here is a French firm that won’t rip off the Belgian users.
Imagine that for around  50 euro a month we could call as much as we want, look digital tv as much as we want and use as much internet as we want wherever we want ? An enormous array of services would become affordable and could be developed that would otherwise have to wait years before reaching a point in which they could go to market.

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