ooops, misled a database on the intranet

The biggest City of Flanders, Antwerp will have a big electoral showdown fight coming october 2012 and the nerves have already reached the sky/limit and we are still months away (and 24hours can be years in politics)

now it seems that there was a database accessable to all the people working in cityhall on the internet that shouldn't have been there

it was a database with all the administrative and judicial convictions because of local reglementations and rules

the local administrator said that he had to deplace the file and didn't see that it was accessable to all

no harm done

but it shows that important information should be isolated in every way (hardware and access) so that it is always totally clear immediately that if it goes out of the cage, it will have no protection

even for an administrator in a hurry

it also shows the importance of double authentification for important information (where ever the information is place, you can only access it if you have the right usb stick or card or whatever you are using)

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