stratfor is out for some weeks

and itself is giving all the analysis for free for the time being - it is the kind of Economist stuff

the analysis of the hack itself is very poor and shows that you shouldn't employ them to try to understand Anonymous or any other activist organisation (as there are some mindsets necessary to understand what it is to be an activist)

they have rebuilt the systems more secure  (first too little, but you can't rebuild a totally hacked server, you have to throw it away and re-install it on new infrastructure, you never know what may be lurking out there somewhere that you didn't think off - so there is a risk there.....)

another very surprising thing is this " The emails are private property. Like all private emails, they were written casually, with no expectation that anyone other than the sender and recipient would ever see them"

uhhhh, you are collecting intelligence and information through email with sources all over the world and you expect that because those emails were between persons that no government, agency or any other interest party would do nothing to get an hold on them, read them and eventually leak them ?

where are you living as an analyst ?  Wonderland ? It is this casual attitude which has broken the company.

Because when it went from analysis of more or less public information to recruiting resources to get more private and important information the goals, workings and importance of the information and contacts had changed and so the securitysituation had changed and so security should have been adapted before.

so you will not only have to change the infrastructure and buy some products to secure your information from end to end but you will also have to change the total business culture and workflow (and inject enough paranoia in it)

It is as if you are going with an old caravan to participate in a F1 car race.....

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